Forget emails, FBI now may have Clinton Abedin Text messages


If recent news is correct and the 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiners computer is an ongoing backup of wife Huma’s phone then there may be gold in them there hills.

According to Anthony Weiner the 650,000 emails on his computer came from backups of Humas phone there may be more evidence there in addition to the emails.

Unless they are deleted or told not to backup all text messages are backed up. Think about it. IF Hillary used text as most of us do, we may be sitting on a treasure trove of TEXT messages from and to Hillary Clinton and her top advisers.

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Has Hillary walked into a FBI trap?

The Piratearian Updated 11/2/2016

This week is about to get very bad for Hillary Clinton.
James Comey has laid a trap and the democrats have walked right into it.


Last Friday James Comey dropped a bomb that the FBI was reopening its investigation in the Clinton email scandal based on new evidence discovered in a “unrelated” case.
This “unrelated” case ended up being very related. The case he spoke of was the FBI investigation of Anthony Weiner husband of Huma Abedin.


FBI forensic evidence was found on a laptop shared by Weiner and Abedin. This led to the discovery of “10’s of thousands” of Abedin work related emails.

Ms. Abedin was Hillary’s closest adviser.
Routinely Hillary would forward to Huma emails to print because Hillary could not figure out how to print and did not like to work off of a computer. This will show that Hillary removed multiple “top secret” and “Classified” emails from a secure system. This is a crime. Ms. Abedin it is rumored also worked with Cheryl Mills to reclassify emails or strip them of their markings which is another crime. Huma also signed documents upon leaving the state dept that she had surrendered all documents related to her service.
Ms. Abedin and Mills were also Clinton’s interface with the Clinton foundation and would decide who got favors or to meet with Clinton. It has been shown that preference was given to Clinton Foundation Donors who had donated large sums of cash to the foundation or paid Bill, Hillary and Chelsea obscene amounts of cash for speaking engagements or “pay to play”. This also included foreign governments and corporations including Muslim organizations and countries.  It is also widely known that Ms. Abedin has worked for and her family works for radical Muslim organizations. (If it is shown that Ms. Abedin shared any of these Clinton emails with her family or foreign organizations this is another crime not only by Abedin but by Hillary Clinton who let the classified information be stolen.)

This is very significant because these emails are related to 2 or more different FBI investigations.
The Clinton email scandal, an ongoing investigation into the Clinton foundation based on RICO charges and maybe foreign espionage.

On July 5th this Pirate watched as James Comey laid out the evidence the FBI had gathered to date on Hillary Clinton. As he spoke I knew that he had enough to bring charges against Hillary Clinton for lying, destruction of evidence, mishandling government property and more. Then at the last moment he announced that he “did not believe that any prosecutor would convict her.” This was because he was under pressure from Loretta Lynch to say this.  Later under oath in front of a congressional panel Director Comey testified that he had evidence that Clinton WAS guilty of many crimes.


Just days before Ms. Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix, AZ. in a “secret” meeting that was discovered by a local reporter. In this meeting President Clinton either threatened Ms. Lynch or made promises to bribe her. Either way the fix was in.

Over the next few months there was public outrage and rebellion inside the FBI as 1000’s of career agents who knew there was plenty of evidence to prosecute her protested not only to Comey but as “unnamed sources.”

More evidence also came out from Wikileaks that showed that the Clinton criminal enterprise was misleading the public, telling the media how to rig polls, hiring criminals to disrupt Trump rallies and exposing that Podesta was aware of a upcoming assassination or as he stated “Wet Works” just days before Justice Scalia was found dead / murdered.

The final straw was when it was discovered that Hillary Clinton had raised over a Million Dollars for a PAC run by Terry McAuliffe the governor of Virginia and a close Clinton Allie.
McAuliffe then donated over $500,000 to the campaign fund of a senior FBI agent Andrew McAbe who would be the key agent on the Clinton email investigation and may have been the source in the FBI who granted approval for many forms of immunity for almost every Clinton aid in the investigation. In my opinion this pushed Comey over the edge and led to the trap being laid.

Once the announcement of the reopening was made the Clinton campaign went ballistic.
They are now demanding that the FBI release more information. I think that this week the FBI will announce more info. If I am correct Comey will come out and disclose some of what was found on the Weiner computer was Hillary Clinton Classified information. He will also announce the investigation of the Clinton foundation and his recommendation that it be presented to either a Grand Jury or a Special Prosecutor.

What is not in doubt is that the Clinton’s are running a criminal organization and are not honest. They also have no regard for security procedures and are only interested in enriching themselves.

Based on evidence there is no way that Hilary Clinton can be allowed to become President of the United States.


Clinton and Huma, How big could this be?

Musings from the Poop Deck. Opinion ****Throwback!!!

We learned in the Clinton email investigation that Huma would forward Clinton emails to print them.
What we did not know until August was that Huma was sending these emails to another email address and printing them at home. (This was uncovered  by Judicial Watch).

Per Truthfeed:

As WND reported Sept. 8, Clinton forwarded an Aug. 8, 2009, email – clearly marked “Classified” – to a personal, nonsecure email address registered to aide Abedin, Abedin then forwarded the message to another personal, nonsecure account,

In sworn testimony before Congress, however, Clinton declared, “There was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received.”

The 2009 email, sent to Clinton from longtime adviser Sidney Blumenthal, was discovered in a cache of emails obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. The exchange concerned the “disastrous nature” of an Obama trip to Germany, charging the U.S. was “totally out of the loop in Berlin – no ambassador,” resulting in the expectation that “Germans and Russians will now cut their own separate deals on energy, regional security, etc.”

WND also reported two-thirds of Abedin’s released emails were forwarded to personal addresses she controlled and Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, may have received classified information through personal email accounts.

Now what if Huma was not deleting them from her personal account and they were downloading to her home PC? What if she was then printing classified emails at home on a computer with her husband?

Now do not ask me why the FBI never raided the Weiner household in the initial Clinton Email investigation. It was either a cover up or Comey knew it was a whitewash.

Then Weiner sexted the teen. There was another investigation opened. Their house was raided and all electronics this time were taken for proper  forensic analysis by the FBI.

This would also include records from their personal email addresses hosted by yahoo and google who would have all records of all Huma’s activities.And Cheryl Mills who had immunity ONLY FOR HER LAPTOP!

So now the FBI finds 1000’s of emails that Huma did not think to delete, or may have deleted leaving trace evidence that would be easy for the FBI to recover.

Now if Clinton gave Huma the classified information essentially removing the the info from the secure system this is a crime by Hillary. If it shows Huma and Cheryl transferring classified info onto commercial systems like Yahoo and Google that is another crime.

This also begs to ask, what else could Huma (the daughter of radical Islamic Brotherhood radicals) do with all the printed classified emails.

This could get much bigger…

The Pirate

Hillaries Smoking GUN Proof of BRIBES

Here is EVIDENCE that Hillary and her staff solicited donations in a PAY for PLAY scheme. HUMA was actively involved in solicitations for HILLARY while at State working for Clinton and solicited MILLIONS for the CLINTON FOUNDATION!

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Could Clinton policy and ties to #Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood crush her Presidential aspirations?


U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson has become the public face in Egypt of America’s policy failure there. Now, she is charged with restoring not only U.S. relations with the world’s most populous Arab nation, but her own reputation as well.

US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson
A photograph of U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson is burned outside the Ministry of Defense in Cairo, Egypt, on June 28, 2013. (Keith Lane/MCT, via Getty)

On paper, Patterson seemed like the ideal diplomat to guide U.S. involvement in Egypt during its transition from six decades of military rule to democracy, given her experience in politically volatile countries such as Colombia and Pakistan. An unusually influential ambassador, she played a major role in forming the U.S. approach to the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party led by Mohamed Morsi, the elected president who was arrested and removed from office by the Egyptian Army a week ago after tens of millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest his rule.

But while her American defenders credit Patterson with taking a realistic approach to a volatile situation, many in the Egyptian opposition regard her as the person responsible for America’s close embrace of Islamists in Egypt. During the protests that led to the fall of Morsi’s government, her face, crossed out with a red X, became the symbol for many Egyptians of what they saw as U.S. discouragement of their efforts.

 “Some say that street action will produce better results than elections,” Patterson said in a June 18 speech. “To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical.”

To many in Egypt and some in Washington, Patterson’s comments were only the latest example of her failure to recognize the Morsi government’s bad behavior and her reluctance to use her office to publicly press it to address the grievances of the Egyptian people.

“Rather than understand and remedy the perception that the U.S. is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Ambassador Patterson is continuing the age-old U.S. practice in Egypt of being the last man standing to support an authoritarian regime. In so doing, the U.S. is once again putting itself in an increasingly lonely camp, contributing to ongoing instability, and hurting its own image and credibility with the Egyptian people,” Egyptian activist and lawyer Dina Guirgui wrote at the time.

Now, the U.S. governmentdespite urging the military not to topple Egypt’s president—is tacitly endorsing Morsi’s ouster after the fact. The White House has refused to characterize the events as a “coup,” and declined to call for Morsi to be returned to power. Patterson, now administering a Cairo embassy that is closed most days to the public and reduced to minimal staffing due to ordered departures of nonessential staff, is part of the effort to get the Muslim Brotherhood to return to the political process, an awkward and difficult task considering they were forcibly removed from power after winning elections the United States said were free and fair.

What’s happening in Egypt right now? Is it a military coup or not?

“It is far easier for the Egyptians to find foreign conspiracies than to look at themselves in the mirror,”

“We will continue to encourage the Muslim Brotherhood, leaders from that group, to participate in the process. We know this is not going to be an easy process, but that’s what we’ll continue to encourage,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Tuesday. “I think that it’s safe to assume that Ambassador Patterson is very engaged in this process, as are a number of other officials, but she’s also engaged with a broad range of officials on the ground.”

Back in Washington, officials and experts debate whether or not the failure of U.S. policy in Egypt since the 2011 ouster of Hosni Mubarak is really Patterson’s fault. Many point to the fact that Patterson argued internally for a policy focused on Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, even pushing for a Morsi visit to the White House that never occurred.

She personally pushed for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to visit Cairo last June, a trip that turned out to be a disaster as Egyptians pelted Clinton’s motorcadewith tomatoes, chanted about Monica Lewinsky, and promoted conspiracy theoriesthat Clinton aide Huma Abedin was part of a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy to control the Egyptian government.

 “She was pushing for a tight embrace of Morsi. Her view was we need to lock this relationship down. Meanwhile, she alienated the opposition. It was both unwise and unnecessary,” one former Obama administration official told The Daily Beast. “She was telling a lot of people that the opposition was useless, that there was no point investing time in them, that the Muslim Brotherhood was the only game in town.”

In internal discussions, Patterson downplayed the steps the Morsi government’s authoritarian tendencies and failed to respond forcefully to abuses such as the Egyptian government raids on American NGOs, many critics said. Plus, she didn’t foresee the street protests scheduled for June 30 leading to the dramatic events of the past 10 days, leaving the U.S. unprepared.

“The whole point of this revolutionary period is that it is very dynamic and you have to hedge your bets,” the official said. “At every point she misread what was happening.”

Another former Obama administration official outlined for The Daily Beast the defense of Patterson: that she was doing her best to implement a White House policy meant to correct decades where the United States failed to engage the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups in Egypt.

“Anne has, since her first days in Egypt, noted that the Egyptians who are favorite contacts of Washington think tanks, congressional staffers, State Department types, and so forth are perhaps talented and creative and admirable individuals but do not necessarily represent 80 million Egyptians,” this official said. “She basically has argued that we need to grasp that there is a conservative, religious, traditional part of Egyptian society that probably isn’t identifying with the favorite pets of the Washington think tank crowd.”

Moreover, said this official, Patterson is taking flak because she is the prominent representative in Cairo of an American government that is always the target of Egyptian ire, no matter what the U.S. does or does not do.

“Let us remember that, in situations like this, the U.S. cannot win in the court of Egyptian public opinion. It is far easier for the Egyptians to find foreign conspiracies than to look at themselves in the mirror,” the official said. “It’s one thing for the Egyptians to believe Anne Patterson is evil, but Washington surely can see what is really going on. Washington should not punish Anne Patterson for Egyptian escapism, fantasy, and xenophobia.”

Throughout Patterson’s career, she has worked closely with weak civilian governments threatened by armed insurgencies and the prospect for military rule. She distinguished herself as a senior diplomat working on South American counter-narcotics in the 1990s during a U.S. military aid program for Colombia known as Plan Colombia. Patterson was rewarded with an ambassadorship in Bogota in 2000 where she developed a close partnership with President Andres Pastrana at the time, insisting that he would be the public face of his country’s counter-insurgency as opposed to the generals in the country’s military that had earned a reputation for human rights abuses and drug running.

Her experience in Colombia prepared her for her next big assignment, as the American ambassador to Pakistan. When Patterson arrived in Islamabad in 2007, Pervez Musharraf, the former chief of the country’s military was also the president after he seized power in a 1999 coup and assumed the presidency in 2001. Musharraf was also unpopular and weak. Over time, Patterson worked behind the scenes with other elements of the country’s civil society to plot a transition to an elected, civilian government. But Patterson’s style meant she did her work behind the scenes and out of the public spotlight.

“In Pakistan she realized Musharraf was far too weak,” said Husain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador to Washington appointed after Musharraf resigned his office in 2007. “She reached out to all particular factions and did not say anything publicly about Musharraf. She was talking to everyone to understand what was happening and to see if the United States could move in a direction in which to help American policy.”

Several Obama administration officials tell The Daily Beast that her experiences working to restore civilian rule in Pakistan and bolstering Pastrana in Colombia shaped her perceptions of Egypt. “Ambassador Patterson was against public criticism of Morsi,” one State Department official told the Daily Beast. “She wanted the United States to support the elected Egyptian government and not be perceived as entering into Egyptian politics.”

But that approach meant that the forces aligned against Morsi have felt abandoned by her, said Jon Alterman, director of the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“Somehow she made the opposition feel like that they were the enemy and it’s never good to have any part of the political structure feel like they were the enemy. A more successful diplomatic strategy would have made sure nobody felt they were the enemy,” he said. “They just felt they didn’t respect them. It’s hard to imagine that was a message she wanted to send but that’s the message that many in the opposition received.”

At the same time, the White House deserves some blame for what’s happening to Patterson, Alterman said, because it failed to threaten Egypt’s government with tough messages when it counted. The ambassador is supposed to be the good cop, but there was no bad cop to balance her out. “Any ambassador maintaining a relationship with a regime that is turning more oppressive needs a countervailing voice in the policy and I haven’t heard about one,” Alterman said.

Now Patterson may be up for a promotion that would take her out of Cairo; President Obama has reportedly considered nominating her to be the next assistant secretary of State for near eastern affairs. But the prospective confirmation process would likely be complicated by her recent notoriety, which could scare the White House away from going through with the move.

“Even if the Egyptians blame Anne as a symbol of purported messages that in hindsight seem ill advised, one hopes the White House would not punish her for carrying out faithfully its bidding,” one former administration official said. “I do wince in reading her public remarks on June 18. I’m sure she herself would edit those remarks, if she could. But even if the Egyptian people now see her and judge her activities only in the context of those remarks, Washington can surely have a more sophisticated understanding of the role she played.”

Lawmakers ‘suspicious’ administration ‘trying to hide’ Libya attack details | Fox News

Question to ponder, Was CLinton or her aide Huma compromised? Did the State Dept leak information on our agents “Safe House” in Benghazi that got the ambassador killed? Why were all the people from Langley pulled out of country so fast? Either:
A: They had all been compromised or B: The Obama administration did not want them conducting the investigation into the ambassadors death as they might find out that the State Dept or WH compromised the mission they were on.
It makes no sense to send the FBI there (They still are not feet on ground) when they had qualifed agents in country.


Fresh claims that U.S. intelligence officials knew practically from the start that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was terrorism possibly tied to Al Qaeda have lawmakers alleging they were misled and questioning whether the administration has something to hide.

“This is turning into something not short of Benghazi-gate,” Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told Fox News, adding he’s “very suspicious” about the way the administration has handled this.

Two senior U.S. officials told Fox News on Thursday that U.S. intelligence officials knew within 24 hours of the assault that it was a terrorist attack and suspected Al Qaeda-tied elements were involved.

The account sharply conflicted with claims by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice on the Sunday after the attack that the administration believed the strike was a “spontaneous” event triggered by protests in Egypt over an anti-Islam film.

“The best information and the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack — that what happened initially was it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in Cairo as a consequence of the video,” Rice said on “Fox News Sunday” at the time.

via Lawmakers ‘suspicious’ administration ‘trying to hide’ Libya attack details | Fox News.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to resign | Fox News

“This is Libya’s moment.  This is Libya’s victory and the future belongs to you.”

–Hillary Clinton, October 17, 2011

That was our Secretary of State on a visit to Libya almost a year ago, when administration was touting the overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi as its biggest foreign policy triumph after killing Usama Bin Laden–and the success of  “leading from behind.”  Well, now we know that leading from behind was just the excuse for a policy of weakness and passivity–and the cost of that weakness in American prestige and lives, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Remember that Hillary Clinton ad in the 2008 presidential campaign, about who we would want answering that phone call to the Oval Office at 3 a.m.?   Now we can assume she would answer the same way she’s handled this Libyan debacle: with weakness, prevarication, and stunning misjudgment.

As details leak out about the events leading up to the brutal murder of Stevens and three other Americans, it’s becoming obvious the State Department knowingly put Stevens in danger of his life, and Secretary Clinton needs to take the lion’s share of the blame.

via It’s time for Hillary Clinton to resign | Fox News.

The Huma Abedin-House of Saud Connection Exposed | FrontPage Magazine

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood activist who is the author of For God or For Tyranny.

FP: Walid Shoebat, welcome back to Frontpage. The interview we did last year, The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin, has become extremely relevant and I would like to discuss your new highly disturbing findings with you.

Shoebat: Thanks for having me again Jamie.

FP: Last Friday, President Obama voiced strong support for Huma Abedin during the Iftar dinner, saying the top aide to Secretary of State Hillary has been “nothing less than extraordinary in representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear.”

Yet you have presented a 37-page dossier and WTC 1993 prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has linked the Abedins [here] and [here] to two terror supporting supervisors: al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Naseef and the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradwi. Moreover, you have now made a discovery that links the Abedins’ Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs enterprise to a sinister Wahhabist Saudi agenda called Muslim Minority Affairs.  Kindly share your new discovery with us.

Shoebat: President Obama needs to refute the facts and provide answers that are void of rhetoric. He can’t and he won’t. My findings all started as I was researching Huma’s father “Sayed Zaynul Abedin” in Arabic looking for further clues and suddenly there it was, an unbelievable document commissioned by the late King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz which can be downloaded [here] and [here]. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It had a long grandiose and fanciful title: The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places to Support The Muslim Minorities. It included Huma’s father and his work Muslim Minorities in the West published in 1998 as part of 29 works to construct this conspiratorial manifesto. (#11. P. 134) It explained the Muslim Minority Affairs (hereafter MMA) not simply as a title or as a religious or social entity but as a Saudi foreign policy of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

It is an entire management system using MMA as the vehicle to catapult MMA to gain specific goals:

1—Recruit individual Muslims that live in non-Muslim lands and transform them as a collective unit by establishing centers, educational programs, mosques and organizations like ISNA and MSA in order to stop Muslim assimilation in non-Muslim host nations.

2—These then can influence the non-Muslim host nations by shifting the demographic scale due to their population growth in favor of the Saudi agenda.

3—A gradual implementation of Sharia will ensue by becoming a major revolutionary powerhouse.

4—This will tilt the host nation in favor of Muslims due to their increase as a population.

5—By this, a transformation then ensues in the host nation to gradually begin to implement a Wahhabi style Sharia.

6—The host state then will join the Muslim commonwealth.

Amazed, I began to research the Abedins’ Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs (hereafter IMMA) from historical accounts and testimonies. The two connected perfectly and what emerged was extremely troubling from a national security perspective: the Abedins for decades were actually serving a foreign entity, the government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs and not American Democracy as President Obama stated. The Abedins’ IMMA is a Saudi-based branch implemented, commissioned and stationed through the same entity that produced this policy to serve Saudi Arabia’s and not American interests.

FP: Ok, but how exactly can you connect the Abedins’ IMMA to the Saudi MMA?

via The Huma Abedin-House of Saud Connection Exposed | FrontPage Magazine.