All will be revealed. Name of Democratic donors and organizers in sex cult

From: The Girl <> Sent: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 08:14:09 -0400 Subject: Clients


This is not an exhaustive list but it includes all my main clients/regulars and many others:

I also have an email address –


Which clients/potential clients email from their professional email addresses.

I also have an account at

Name: lexagirl


That has a bunch of client information, though identity of the clients is anonymous/

protected through the site.

Stuart Piltch

Joe Dimenna Barry Pool

John Diblasi

Gene Rhough

Andrew Buckalew

Miguel Lopez Castillo

Jeff Benjamin

Christian Bourge Itay Ariel Randy Levinson

Ted O’Neal

Harris Junelle

Ken Sherman

Ken Mumma

Peter de Bretteville George Rogers

Stephen Wall

Philip Bloom

James Irby

Daniel Penn

Caio Fonseca

Scott Landau

Brian Rogers

Justin Kolnick

Tim Weiner

Bruno Blumenfeld

Nabeel Aktar

John McKeever

Kristopher Sarreal

Marc Raviitz

Quinn Fionda

Harris Morris

Evan Berrie

Frank Washington

Frank Ruy

Eric Teldaldi

Ivan Brewster

Peter Stanton

James Shillinglaw Robert Hackney

Adam Weprin

David Brecher

Jim Ryan

Kartik Tamhane

Barry Avrich

Lior Ohayon

Rich Rosen

Richard Spicer

Chris Whyte

Stephen Rocco

Mark Goldman

Sean Andrialis

Harlan Waskel

Adrian Lam

James Macry Tony Pasqua

Sean Rogers

Aashish Chandarana

Morgan Nichols

Alexander Alexandrov

Ismaila Whittier Daniel Silverstein

Johnathan McBride

Conrad Dresdale

Justin Daly

Chris Cassarino

Patrick Curran

Michael Schwimmer

Richard Ross

Nik Downey

David Christian

Ryan Purpura

David Pinelli

John Baker

Connell Barrett Prakash Puru

Dennis Madden

Michael Clark

Bob Lensner

David Wassong

Andrew Brummell Justin Elias

Byron Anderson Chris Kapur

G. W. Hegel

Mathew Zucker

Chris Childres

Phil Fear

Stephen Wright

Bryan Spano

Mark Wolff

Pratik Sarda

Sitwat Kazmi

Fomba Sirleaf Demetrius Braxton

Bryan Melgar

Carlos Zepeda

Bennie Chiles

Bill Dvorak

Chase Seifert

Samuel Guzik

Esteban Idrovo

Zak Kaplan Pat Kilkenny

Jim Timon

Peter Wolfgang Glenn Vogell Lawrence Konner

Joseph Zubin

Peter Freeman

Kenny Ackerson Swaroop Bhagavatula Mark Martini

Chris and Danielle Prevete Marc Hayut

Bijan Amini

David Knott

Anders Schroeder Eric and Simone Price

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