What is #War to Barack Hussein Obama?

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The Piratearian


In President Barack Hussein Obama’s mind, what is war?

This question came to mind just now.

This is the President who has authorized assassinations in multiple countries, of people both innocent and guilty of crimes.

It does not seem to matter what country they are in. Yes we declared war in Afghanistan, Iraq. But Obama has issued drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Now Drones are just pilotless aircraft that can carry missiles used to kill and destroy. Have we declared war with Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia or Libya? Not any time recently that I am aware.
In each of these cases Obama and his staff have targeted and personally approved of firing missiles into countries that we are not at war with.

Now we are debating initiating a war with Syria.
Every country in the world except France is refusing to support us. (And recently their government is starting to object)

By authorizing this attack by missiles on US Navy ships, Obama is committing what he has called an impeachable offense. (As has Joe Biden)

So what does he do? He puts on the hard press against the Republicans and Democrats in Congress who currently do not support his desire to wage “War”.

So Obama uses all his tools to get approval. Stating that “I did not create the red line” (A blatant lie as we all heard him say it)

So we must ask as responsible citizens, why doe Obama want to unilaterally throw tomahawk cruise missiles (At $1.75 Million each) at Syria when Assad is in hiding and has already hidden most of his military assets?

I feel that for some reason Obama wants to initiate another war.

I also feel that America and the world is not getting the truth from Obama and his minions.
Obama’s whole claim is that Assad used gas on his own people.

Yet in every public statement Obams, Kerry, Rice, Clinton all state that the U.S  has “High Confidence” Assad used poisonous gas.

To me this is lawyer speak. If they had solid evidence Assad used poisonous gas, they would state that we have “proof”.

So far they have not said this.

Now today the Russians came out and said they had “proof” http://rt.com/news/chemical-aleppo-findings-russia-417/

They asked the United Nations to verify it as they has weapons inspectors on site. (The U.S. did not)

If the Russians are correct and it was the rebels aligned with Al Qaeda, we have a major constitutional crisis on our hands.

Why would Obama lie about the Rebels?

Why does he want war so much with the Syrian government? By attacking the Assad regime, Obama risks the security in the region, with Russia, China and Iran all on the side of Assad. How come Obama is the lone voice in the world demanding that we attack and that he will attack even if congress says NO!

I have seen Obama and his policies lead to the destruction of governments in Libya, Egypt and now Syria. I have seen him sell out Israels security. Give away secrets, treat their leaders with disrespect. What is his agenda?

With each one we have seen the rise of the rebels and a destabilization of the government.
I have seen Americans be murdered in Benghazi and watched as Obama did nothing.

Why is Obama rushing us into way in the Middle East?

Why is he trying to destabilize countries surrounding Israel?

Why does Obama have such close ties to the Muslim brotherhood including top advisers?

What is his real agenda?

And again, why would a self proclaimed “anti-war” President be so insistent to enter another conflict we cannot afford and do not want to fight?

So what is War to Barack Hussein Obama? And why is he fighting so hard for it?


This Pirate wants answers.


One thought on “What is #War to Barack Hussein Obama?

  1. I’m thinking It’s the pipelines. There are 2 pipelines being planned now that have to pass thru Syria to get to the EU. One brings oil from Iran and Iraq. The other brings natgas from Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Guess which one Syria just chose to support and which one Syria chose to not support?
    Yes thats right, Syria sided with Iran and Iraq over Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Oops, wrong choice guys. The oil business is a rough business, it would be a shame if your country were to have … an ACCIDENT…. ah. well too late now I guess.

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