The tree of liberty must be refreshed…

Hillary Clinton will not be our next President.


First came the email scandal where Hillary personally decided to use here own homebrewed server to run . This allowed her to hide her emails as secretary of state from being recorded as government communications and for making her accountable for her actions. She allowed our governments secrets to be taken out of their “secure” email system and either be printed or sent to her aids who then would “declassify them by removing markings and transfer them to google, Yahoo or Clinton mail. This in and of itself was a crime as knowingly removing 1 secret document is grounds for conviction and prison as many of our military members know.
Once discovered John Podesta, Cheryl Mills and others conspired to “dump them” in order to not to produce them under subpoena. They went to great lengths to delete up to 32,000 emails that Hillary said only covered Yoga and family. They went as far as to use “BleachBit” to erase the hard drives and hammers to destroy the devices. Hillary repeatedly lied repeatedly that she only wanted to use 1 device for convenience instead of a “Secure” communication device. It turns out she had more than 13 devices. More lies. And just before James Comey told us how guilty Hillary was in the email scandal, Bill swooped into Phoenix AZ. on a 120 degree day to “bump into Loretta Lynch in her private jet. They met for over half an hour discussing “family”. Well I am sure the only family Bill discussed was his wife and how he could keep her out of jail. The next day Hillary had her “FBI meeting” where immunity was handed out and Hillary conveniently “Forgot” most of the answers to the questions asked.

Then I sat and watched James Comey beautifully lay out a case against Hillary on how she misled the government. How she illegally took secret items out of their secure areas. Ignored marking on classified documents that she said she never had. It was a complete description of a person going to trial and then jail. Then he said “but” and let her off the hook. That was when America knew something was rotten in Denmark.

Then it was learned that through the Clinton Foundation Bill and Hillary had become multi millionaires in short order by running a charity. Hillary and Bill would collect from $300,000 up to several millions for meeting with and talking to people. This is now been exposed as a potentially criminal “Pay to Play” organization that included selling off over 10% of Americas Uranium reserves to Russia that Hillary’s State dept had to approve.

The Clinton’s collected Millions of dollars from foreign countries that have not always been friendly to the United States including many that were involved in executing the 9/11 attacks and with terrible human rights records which include the killing of homosexuals and women who are treated as property. The Clinton’s also made millions for them and their friends in smuggling weapons to the middle east eventually making their way to ISIS to be used against Americans, Iraqis and other nations. I could go on for pages covering the unethical and illegal acts the Clinton’s and their Cabal committed.

Now most of you have been following the Wikileaks that have been going on against the Democrats. It started first with the DNC and led to the firing of Debbie Wasserman – Schultz and now Donna Brazil who lied about fixing the election for Hillary Clinton.

Then they went after John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s director and long time Clinton General who runs her organization.His leaked emails have exposed the underbelly of the Clinton organization. Out of ignorance the Democrats blamed the Russians of hacking the DNC, Podesta and the other systems. They also stupidly tried to say that the Russians were working with Donald Trump. This was not true.

Wikileaks has also exposed the Justice department for unethical behavior including the bribery of a senior FBI agent by another Clintonista Terry Mcauliff the governor of Virginia. He funded the agents wife (Jill McAbe) by donating over $500,000 to her Senate campaign even though she had no political background. First it turned out that Clinton raised over a million dollars for the PAC that funded the donation. If not a bribe it was quite a conflict as Agent McBabe was working on the Clinton foundation case and told low level agents to “Stand Down” If not a crime it is a clear conflict of interest.

Then we come to the “Weiner factor” Andrew Weiner and his wife (now separated) Huma who is Clinton’s closest aid became the focus of the investigation that has now been reopened.

Tonight a video was posted that brings it all together. A organization of “Honest” United States Intelligence officers appear to be taking credit for providing Wikileaks with all their data and hacked emails. My guess is that they had all this info at their fingertips but were blocked from using it by the Clinton’s and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

In it it is stated that we cannot afford this criminality to continue and America cannot afford to have Hillary as President. Evidently over the next few days they say evidence will be presented that will prove the criminality of not just the Clinton’s, but all those associate in their criminal activities up to and including the President.

Am I skeptical? Yes. But we need to see what happens next.If my suspicions are true and my Pirate senses are correct the criminals in D.C. better watch out. The good guys are back and it is going to get ugly.

This Thomas Jefferson quote came to mind just now:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson

The time is now, please watch the video below.

Stand up for what is right.



IRAN’s military takes over, No respect or fear of Obama. Respected Bush.

Who’s the Boss?

Expert: Iran’s military has trumped its religious apparatus

IRGC forces in 2007

IRGC forces in 2007

April 23, 2013 5:47 pm

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei “has become a hostage” of an elite branch of Iran’s army that has quietly consolidated its economic and political power, a top analyst said Tuesday.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) appears to have supplanted Khamenei and other top clerics in a significant power shift that has left Iran a “military dictatorship,” according to Ali Alfoneh, who has spent years investigating the IRGC.

Khamenei “has become a hostage in the hands of his own praetorian guard,” Alfoneh said Tuesday during a discussion hosted by the American Enterprise Institute.

Thirty-four years since the Iranian revolution installed an extremist Islamic leader, the country has “degenerated into a military dictatorship which is disguising itself. … They want to preserve the illusion the regime” is still in power, he said.

The IRGC, Iran’s principal fighting force in its 1980 war with Iraq, has quietly seized control of Iran’s economy and political bodies and controls around $80 billion in private economic assets, according to Alfoneh.

The IRGC paid $9 billion in cash to purchase the Telecommunication Company of Iran, Alfoneh said. Most of the IRGC’s private holdings are owned via front groups that are controlled by its members.

This combination of wealth and military prowess has permitted the IRGC to position itself an Iran’s true power broker.

While religious ideology was once Iran’s main political criteria, now “the single factor which qualifies Iranian leaders to join public life is not just being a war vet … but being a member of the IRGC,” he said.

Outgoing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the country’s first military veteran to hold this post, initiated most of the privatization efforts that allowed the IRGC to gain its economic foothold.

The IRGC is a “vengeful” group of militants who are out to impose their will on all Iranians, Alfoneh said.

The militant group is perhaps “most vengeful against the clerical class because they feel the clerical class betrayed them” and didn’t sacrifice during the Iran-Iraq war, he added.

“They talk about the rich clerics who managed to amass great wealth during the war at the same time these people were making the sacrifice,” Alfoneh said.

As the Western world tries to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the IRGC is doing its best to ensure the opposite outcome.

“This generation of revolutionary guards has very little respect for the U.S., particularly this president and this administration,” Alfoneh said. “Even worse, they misunderstand the signals President [Barack] Obama is sending to them.”

The IRGC views Obama’s public overtures as a sign of weakness, Alfoneh explained.

“President [George W.] Bush, he was a much better communicator” because he was firm and consistent, Alfoneh said. “In Washington, you do not understand the value of someone like President Bush.”

“In Tehran, the revolutionary officers began saying ‘Oh, he’s even more crazy than we are.’ That served the interest of the U.S.,” Alfoneh explained. “They fundamentally believed President Bush was completely unpredictable and capable of doing anything against them. The liberal class in this country does not understand” the value of this perception.

Military strategist Fred Kagan agreed the IRGC has expanded its reach significantly in Iran.

“It’s all of the same network” in many different sectors of Iranian society, “and has spread its tentacles through all of the security services,” as well as “the Iranian economy,” Kagan said.

This raises questions about what would happen should Khamenei and the IRGC find themselves at odds with one another.

“We’ve now reached the point where sanctions are hurting the IRGC and even the smugglers are hurting from the sanctions to a greater extent,” Kagan said. “What would happen if any significant power bloc in the Islamic republic of Iran decided it wanted to cash in the nuke program or some part of it in exchange for easing of sanctions? … We’ve allowed ourselves to see simplicity where this is in fact a lot of complexity.”