One Marines take on the election

By Troy = Okinawa Japan

I didn’t realize how absolutely ignorant and closed-minded liberals were until today. The utter amount of ignorance, immaturity, and disbelief I have seen all over the internet since Trumps victory has been astounding. Him being elected is not going to change your day to day life whatsoever. He is not going to personally find you and ruin your life like y’all are making it seem he will. You will literally only notice an extra few bucks on your pay checks from taxes lowering and that you may be able to find yourself cheaper health care. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican, Muslim, gay, black, white, female or male. As long as you are a law abiding citizen and do not engage yourself an illegal activities you will literally not have a single thing to worry about.

If you are here illegally, then you have no right to complain about the president, and no right to be upset if you get deported, you’re here illegally! That’s you’re own fault. It’s astounding how illegals believe they deserve anything from this country and have even the slightest urged to try and protest this election and our future president as well. It has been such a large surprise to see how close minded those I used to associate with are and how truly ignorant they really are. I have to stop myself from almost feeling bad for them as they try to paint themselves as victims in this situation. Seeing people pretend to be scared for their life because of the election results is absolutely ridiculous as well. There’s still law in the land, the only fear you need have is the law if you do something you’re not supposed to.

Quit dramatizing a situation in which you didn’t get your way or choice such as Hillary in office. If you want to ensure the best life you can have then continue being productive members of society, shut up about the election, and unite the country. Complaining on Facebook and creating over dramatic reactions is only going to put a greater divide in a very large and powerful country and will do nothing for Americans moving forward. The only way this country will realistically improve is when we are together as one county undivided.

The ignorance of the left wing nut heads has grown to an unacceptable point. There are people inciting riots across the country as they speak because they didn’t get their way in this election and are currently yelling F*** Donald Trump over and over. How does that make them any better than the supposed Trump the media has portrayed this entire election, which now has been proven to be entirely corrupt and biased to the left wing liberals. The inaccuracy of the medias reporting of this election season has been entirely disgusting as well. For an outlet for information which is supposed to remain unbiased and true it sure did not do the American people justice this year. It is absolutely sickening the amount of power and persuasion that they have ahold of in today’s society.

I’m sorry but the amount of bullsh*t I’ve seen on my feed today gave me such an uncontrollable need to type out what I was thinking. I could go on and on about the hypocrisy of the left now that this election is over and go through facts and prove everything to a deeper point but that’d fall upon deaf ears and ultimately be a waste of time. I can only hope people open their eyes and work together towards a move progressive and united future. How about you actually listen to Trump speak, actually hear what he has to say about America moving forward and assist in improving this country for all who live in it. Ignore it if you’d like, or try to fight it, but this is the America you live in. ✌🏼


We the People

What America wants in a President

Donald Trump very well may be the next President of the United States.

A perfect storm has gathered to make this happen.
It was inevitable.

I have a theory.

Ever since Bill Clinton came into the White House with the rise of the information age
the political spectrum has become much more extreme. With the rise of the internet websites and media companies like, Breitbart and Fox news allowed the conservative message (extreme right wing) to grow and be heard without censorship by the mainstream media.

Because of this companies like MSNBC  and the New York Times among others moved farther to the liberal side preaching to the extreme left. The democrats even disguised companies like media matters to preach their liberal views.

Our politics became polarized,  you were either labeled a crazy right wing conservative or an ultra liberal. Families started to fight and the liberals demonized all thing conservative convinced that they were the mainstream.
Being a conservative I was called crazy by my liberal family in San Francisco. I in turned left town to a much more conservative place (Arizona).

But the more I supported the GOP, the more I learned that they did not care about MY views. The candidates I supported lied to me. They made promises yet caved when it came time for execution. To them I was just a source of income. This became clear when I met John McCain. I had written him letters yet never got a real response from him. I expressed my view on policies that were important to me like Immigration, Veterans issues, Taxes and Government Waste. Yet when I met him in person all he would mutter was “elections have consequences, elections have consequences”. I realized that my votes for him and the GOP had been wasted. I leaned more to the tea party whose message closer matched my views. (I am not going to vote for McCain any longer)

As time went on I became more of a Libertarian. I realized that I was not an ultra conservative, yet NOT a liberal. My views fell somewhere in between. I want smaller government, but I also want more personal freedom. I am pro life, but I agree that the law is settled and who am I to tell a woman what she can and cannot do. If someone wants to smoke weed go for it no harm, no foul. Just do note toke and drive.

I am pro military (My son is an active duty Marine). However I do not think we need to be the worlds policeman. BUT if genocide is going on we do have a responsibility to help stop it.
I also think we need to help the poor and create a welfare safety net, BUT it must be tied to job training for those who are able and not encourage lazy behavior.

But I realized I was not being represented. It appeared that I needed to choose far right or far left. I got angry and frustrated.

I felt that we needed someone in the middle, not a Liberal Democrat or a Conservative Republican.

Then here came the current election cycle and Donald Trump.
I realize that Donald Trump is not perfect. But he is the ANTI Politician option.
I love the fact that he does not cave into special interests as he does not take their money.
But he tells it like it is and is expressing the frustration of much of America.

He is not a total conservative, yet not a liberal but that is O.K.

The voters are tired of the status quo. Tired of being told what to do by a lying establishment who does not represent them.

I hope Trump is elected and disrupts or destroys the Republican party as we know it. Create a party more in tune with the people.

I think Trump will build a Mexico wall. I think he will stop the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico, South America AND the Middle East. I think he will support the military and also restructure the US Government to eliminate waste. I trust he will also bring in experts to fill positions in his administration.  I also think he will restore the United States economy again to position it as the greatest place to do business.
High hopes I know.

But I am sure of a few things.

If the GOP ignores the voters to put in their own puppet (Romney of Rubio) they will see a revolt like no other and will be made irrelevant.

If we head into socialism or are continuously ignored or change does not happen there will be a revolution and breakdown of society.

So if AMERICA elects Trump as President, I hope he is a positive agent of change and helps getting America back on track, it may be a good thing.








America, Who are you going to be?


The Piratearian

We were called paranoid, radical, stupid, reactionary, robots, conservative radicals.

When I was young, I registered for the draft. It is what you did. We did not worry about the government reaching into our life.

I saw my father have problems with the IRS. I learned just file and pay your taxes on time and you will be fine.

I never had much interaction with government.

I grew up. I became a conservative because of Ronald Reagan. I cheered when he “Tore down that wall”.

I understood the concept of a small government. When RR said “Government is not the solution to our problems, Government IS the problem” I really started paying attention.

Then 9/11 happened.
We all got caught up in patriotism and the goal of stopping the terrorists. DHS was created.
This was the beginning of the end in my opinion.

Reagan also once said: “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” But the government could not do that. Soon we were all under intense scrutiny at the airport. Our freedoms areslowly being chipped away. Then Richard Reid tried to blow up a plane with his shoes so we had to take our shoes off at the airport.

Next I a middle aged American male was being searched and groped along with grandma’s and children as Abdul from Yemen was escorted through security so as not to offend his dignity.

Did Bush overreach on security? Yes, absolutely.
Did Congress give in to political correctness? Yes. “We must never profile, we would hurt a foreigners feelings”

Then Obama happened, bringing Chicago politics to D.C. and a socialist agenda to mold the country into what he wanted.

More freedoms were lost. He used the IRS to attack his enemies and to steal an election.

He grew the NSA into the largest Pac Man in the world. Capturing everything Americans do as they go about their daily lives.  He may have even used the NSA as his own tool to bring down and blackmail the head of the CIA. He has sent weapons to the same terrorists who brought down the twin towers and sacrificed a US Ambassador and 3 other heroes in Benghazi.

President Obama is in the process of destroying our most famous crown jewel the Constitution of the United States. He could not care about the bill of RIGHTS.

I started out my life as a citizen without political affiliation. Then as I grew I became a conservative. But now I see the corruption in the Republican and Democratic parties.

A few years ago I took one of those tests online

I came out as a Libertarian. This shocked the heck out of me. But rather than fight it, I embraced it.

libertarian: A person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action.

I went online to Twitter. I started sharing my opinion. I became “the Pirate”. ( @Piratearian ) I did and said what I wanted.

I heard from friends about the evil of the Obama administration. About how he treated whistle blowers. How his people would follow them, threaten them. Flatten their tires, put sugar in their gas tanks. They are very open about it. They are the schoolyard bullies.

This past year we learned about Benghazi, Fast and furious, the AP scandal, the IRS abuses and now the abuses by the NSA. How the DOJ was not for the people but to do the Presidents dirty work. Many many lies were told.

This all points back to not only a corrupt administration, but of a corrupt congress.

They let our basic HUMAN RIGHTS be taken away.

The Gipper once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

America needs to wake up. All Americans need to feed the Libertarian inside them. We need to curb the abuses, return our GOD given freedoms and rights. We need to be free to worship and speak as we please without the threat of an oppressive government looking over our shoulder.

This July 4th please take some time and read the Constitution, read it at you BBQ’s. Listen to the words.

Embrace freedom. Reject oppression. Search out the bad guys and get warrants the way it is supposed to be done.

The government needs to respect our citizens. Stop closing the door after the horse is gone.

We do not need or want a nanny. Screw political correctness.

Almost all Americans are good and honest at the core. We cannot allow our government to treat us like criminals and leave it to us to prove we are innocent. Our current government cannot be trusted with the responsibility it has been given.

The question is what are you going to do? Who you gonna call? Who are you going to be?

—  The Piratearian

Do liberals tolerate homeless and filth?

Recently in a blog from a liberal newspaper in a liberal California city, the issue of cleanliness came up. How could our beautiful jewel of the West City be accused of being “un clean”?
There were many comments, most having to do with the homeless population which has been a continuing problem for many years. You see in several prominent areas the homeless “bums” have taken over. They leave their feces, vomit, urine anf filth all over the sidewalk and gutter. Escalators to their “beautiful” public transit system are shut down as the homeless use the stairs as their own private restroom.

Then one comment caught my eye “What do you expect, church going republicans don’t tolerate the homeless in their cities…”
That is a perfect statement, but I appreciated it not in the manner it was offered.
The writer is correct. Republicans / conservatives do not tolerate the homeless.
We help find them jobs, training, medical care, housing programs, food.
We contribute to charities that provide services. We do not wait for “progressive” city councils to enact effective programs that never come.
We actually care and we actually do things that help and are effective.
We walk the walk when the left just talks the talk.
And I am very proud of that.

Rick Santorum is just a selfish child.

The Piratearian

Rick Santorum is a selfish ego driven child. Today he proved that his run for the Presidency is all about him. NOT about about what is best for America. When he was honest (4 years ago) he was endorsing Mitt Romney as a “true” conservative. Now that he craves power so bad he has now claimed he wants Obama to remain President if he cannot be the nominee. Think about that. Does he care about the Republican party? NO. Does he care about the conservative movement? NO. Does he care about the debt? NO.

Rick Santorum is just a selfish child who will take his ball and go home if he cannot win.
He is an embarrassment to the conservative movement and the Republican party. It is time for him to go.