Piratearian Seeks Truth, [5/22/2022 1:37 PM]
[Forwarded from Rose]
Devo Part 1: How Did We Get Here
Devo Part 2: The Defense Intelligence Agency and the Defector
Devo Part 3: Continuity Of Government
Devo Part 4: A Wartime President
Devo Part 5: The CISA & Dominion Voting Systems
Devo Part 6: Antifa & the Capitol Riot
Devo Part 7: Foreign Interference
Devo Part 8: How & When
Devo Part 9: The Military
Devo Part 10: The Silent War
Devo Part 11: CrowdStrike
Devo Part 12: “Playbook”
Devo Part 13: Shadow Government
Devo Part 14: The Invisible Enemy
Devo Part 15: Vaccine Bewilderment
Devo Part 16: Xi, or not to Xi
Devo Part 17: From Ukraine With Love
Devo Part 18: The Proof is in the Putin
Devo Part 19: RICO Suave
Devo Part 20: Trump Justice
Devo Part 21: 2000 Mules

Add 1: Where is Trump?
Add 2: COGCON 2
Add 3: Durham & Lindell
Add 4: Draft Executive Order

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