Questions that need to be answered. #WWG1WGA

Now let’s ask some questions:

  1. why haven’t they been able to stop Trump
  2. whyWGA #WWG1do all the Satanists HATE Trump
  3. why did every other president that tried to stop these Satanists before was assassinated or shot yet Trump is alive and unscathed
  4. How did Trump manage to secure all these Middle East peace deals
  5. Why did Q pick the letter Q
  6. Why are so many companies/people/organizations coming out of the closet blatantly as Satanists lately
  7. Why did Q post all these Bible verses
  8. Why is the Great Awakening result in so many people waking up to Jesus ?
  9. Was that intentional ?
  10. Why does Bill Gates have a human embedded microchip patent using 060606 in the patent number for biometrics
  11. Why did Biden’s 2020 political text number 30330 equate to 666 when you divide the two 2020/30330= 666
  12. Why are we having record fires burning land on earth last 4 years
  13. Why are we having tons of record storms/floods last 4 years
  14. Why do we have MANY rivers/seas turning red over last 4 years
  15. Why do we have tons of frequent earthquakes and volcanoes erupting over the last 4 years
  16. Why have we had tons of locusts swarms so large you can see them on radar blotting out the sky in many countries/continents over the last 4 years
  17. Why do we have lightening striking the Washington monument, the World Trade Center tower, and the George Floyd statue etc, in epic fashion
  18. Why is there a plague (covid) spreading over the earth and now attempted forced vaccine mandates for everyone because of it
  19. Why are the deep state losers trying to use that to shut down the world’s economies and countries
  20. Why are There unusual world wide droughts causing food shortages
  21. Why is there oil/energy shortages
  22. Why do we have the Pope calling for a NWO because of all of this
  23. And why is this all happening in the last 4 years?
  24. Why can NOTHING stop what’s coming
  25. Who’s the 1 in WWG1WGA

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