Can Donald Trump burn down the GOP?

Last week I received an invitation to listen to Donald Trump discuss immigration at my favorite hotel the Arizona Biltmore. It was to be an intimate gathering of 500.
It “sold out” immediately. Then I was notified that it may be moved due to great demand for tickets.

It became a hot topic that “The Donald” was coming to Phoenix.
Little did I know that the “intimate gathering” would turn out to be a huge rally involving over 10,000 Americans, half of the Phoenix Police department and 50 to 100 illegals protesting the “The Donald” was Satan incarnate.

First a little background. A few weeks ago Donald announced that he was running for President again. At the time I thought it was just another ploy to promote the next season of “The Apprentice”. His NBC reality TV show.
During his announcement he made some comments that the Mexican government was not sending their “best” citizens to cross the border. He made a true statement that murderers, rapists, drug runners and other criminals were coming across the border in record numbers. All of this is true. However the liberal media took him out of context and quoted him as saying “all Mexicans were murders, rapists and criminals.  This created a huge firestorm not only from the liberal press but also the establishment GOP who are terrified of not being politically correct and not wanting to offend the Hispanic voters.

But something unexpected happened. Donald hit the nail on the head and articulated what millions of Americans are thinking and feeling. Millions of Americans of all walks of life are sick of the illegal border crossings and the millions coming across the border illegally to take advantage of the American taxpayer. This is made even worse by President Obama telling Dept of Homeland Security not to enforce our immigration laws. Our open border policy and sanctuary cities are providing a have for all the criminals coming in and committing crimes. At the same time there have been several high profile murders of Americans by illegal aliens who have been protected by liberal cities, courts and communities. Repeat offenders all who were not deported even after committing crimes in the US.

It seems that in a perfect storm Donald Trump was there to fill the void. In a few short weeks he has become a top contender in almost all the polls and winning the latest poll in North Carolina over Jeb Bush.

Now I do not know about you, but I am disgusted with the political process in Washington. The Constitution has been ripped to shreds by the current administration and the courts. Republican who hold majority on the House and Senate are not keeping their promises. To get elected they talked all tough about change and holding Obama and the democrats accountable for the lies and crimes they committed. But now that they have been elected they are acting weak and spineless not wanting to offend anyone. I for one am sick of it. In my opinion the Republican party as we know it needs to be burned down. No way in hell should we have another Bush Clinton race. No longer can we allow Boehner and the Republican “establishment” to decide who the Republican candidate will be. In my opinion most of America what I call the “silent majority” wants and needs change. But how is this done?

By finding an “outsider” who can capture the imagination of the people. Someone who is not afraid of upsetting the apple cart. Someone not afraid to take a risk and tell the truth. Someone with name recognition who is seen as a leader and who is fearless.

Enter Donald Trump.

So today I found myself in downtown Phoenix, enduring 100 degree plus temperatures to see and hear the Donald expound on his views and why he wants to be the President of the United States of America. I was not disappointed. While standing in line I met several Americans who spoke of change. Who told me that they had never been much involved in politics, but were so worried about the future of America they felt compelled to come out and listen to this different kind of candidate.
These were normal people from all walks of life. All that I met were very friendly, very polite. All with one thing in common. An understanding that America is in trouble. That we are in danger of losing this great country.
There was a general understanding that we are the sleeping giant that has now been awoken.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump finishes up speaking before a crowd of 3,500 Saturday, July 11, 2015, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Trump came out and spoke of immigration problems, of his views and in a direct attack, how the media lies. He actually pointed to them directly and said “you lie” and “you manipulate the truth to make conservatives look bad and to fool the people”. He went on to say that he is PRO immigration, but for LEGAL immigration. How he loved the Mexican people and vowed that he would win the hispanic vote.

He spoke of leadership, economics, and American exceptionalism. He spoke of the innocent Americans killed by illegals.  Liberals who sheltered them. Political correctness run a muck. He explained that he was his own man. That yes he donated to Democrats, he also donated to Republicans.

He only acknowledged 2 opponents. Jeb and Hillary. Stating his opposition to common core, weak immigration policies and how Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state EVER!

But what struck me was that Trump was just saying what was on his mind. He did not use a teleprompter, it was not carefully scripted. He spoke like a leader. He spoke of how he wants to fix an America that is broken. How we still are a great nation but that we are at risk.

He did not convince me that he was 100% the man for the job, but he made a good case for himself. But I felt something. The people were excited. people were smiling, people had hope. The people are ready for a change. And guess what, we do not want just another establishment lackey. We are tired of the lies and manipulations by our politicians. It is time to blow up the establishment and send them a signal.

We are tired of political correctness. We are tired of worrying about who we might offend. We are tired of America losing its standing as the leader of the free world. We are tired of the government not upholding the constitution. We want change.

America is ripe for real change, for a leader who has no fear. A leader who does not need to answer to the establishment.
One who will take risks to right this sinking ship.

From what I saw today. Donald Trump might just catch the imagination of America. He might attract the low information voter who will vote for him just because he is famous. If he does he can go all the way. There is a great need for a real leader right now who can fix the economy, fix immigration, put the media in its place and downsize Washington.

Donald Trump might be that person.

I will not mind seeing the modern GOP destroyed and reformatted.
This Pirate thinks it is time.


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