Does America need another 9/11 or Pearl Harbor to survive? Will it happen soon?

The Piratearian

America is in crisis.
The total incompetence in Washington is in the process of turning this once great nation into a 3rd world country and nobody seems to care.


Clinton and Obama have destabilized the middle East, funded and encouraged the rise of ISIS and radical Muslims and seem to encourage the genocide of Christians worldwide.  The United States, once considered a leader and defender of the free world is now considered a joke. Benghazi was just a coverup of illegal arm sales to radicals to overthrow and encourage more war in the middle east.

Domestically Obama has opened our borders and allows the free flow of illegal aliens, terrorists and is in the process of bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria. At the same time he is ripping at the fabric of our society banning GOD wherever he can. He has destroyed a working health…

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