Liberals practicing fascism and totalitarianism to take over America?

The Piratearian


I am alarmed with the direction the liberals and liberal media are taking this once great nation.
It really surfaced with prop 8 in California. Gay Marriage.
Supporters of gay marriage took public documents of who donated against the cause.

These people were then “outed” publicly humiliated, they protested their companies, their jobs, their religion.
The media supported these actions.

These same tactics are now being used against anyone who does not support the “gay” lifestyle or whose views do not fall in line with the “liberal mindset”.

These people seem to ignore the constitution that gives us Free Speech, Freedom OF Religion (Not freedom FROM religion)
This war goes all the way to the White House where President Obama approves of these tactics.

This must stop now.

This is reminiscent of the rise of the Nazi’s in the 1930’s except conservatives are the new Jews.

Yes Conservatives are being treated the same way Hitler treated the Jews in pre World War II Germany.

Can it be stopped short of a civil war? I hope so. But to this Pirate, I do not see the left stopping short of Americans standing up to support their rights and freedoms guaranteed to them (US) over 233 years ago.


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