Congress MUST start impeachment of Obama now.

Our President can no longer be trusted.






He has lost and credibility and the respect of even Americas closest allies.
He is in the process of destroying the command structure of our military.
He has burdened American citizens with more debt than can ever be hoped to be repaid.
He is in the process of destroying our intelligence capabilities and agencies.
He is spying on everyone.
He is paranoid and a control freak.
He denied freedom of the press by intimidating, threatening and bribing the media.
He has used the IRS to spy and shut down political opponents.
He used the DOJ to funnel weapons to terrorists in Mexico, Syria and who knows where else.
He has wasted millions on his “green” agenda.
He is attempting to kill energy / oil, gas independence.
He has instructed Federal agents not to enforce the Constitution that they swore to uphold.
Now he has been caught lying to all in America about healthcare and his socialist agenda.
He has flaunted the Constitution with his “Presidential ” authority acts, czars and illegal appointments.

I ask ALL Americans, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian and independent to contact your representatives in Congress and demand that impeachment is brought upon Barrack Hussein Obama.
Our future as a nation depends on it.

The Piratearian

2 thoughts on “Congress MUST start impeachment of Obama now.

  1. Even if every item on your list of complaints was indisputably true, not a single one constitutes an impeachable offense, and neither does the weight of putting them all together. Read the Constitution. You can’t impeach a president over policies and actions you dislike, no matter how much you really, really disagree with them. That was tried with both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, and both efforts failed miserably. It has to be actual crimes, the kind you go to jail for.

    • Aiding and abeding the enemy, Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi and Syria (Terrorists) Impeachable.
      Illegal use of appointments, Unconstitutional Impeachable.
      Gunrunning resulting in the murder of a US Federal officer. Impeachable.

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