spookdblog: US Invasion of Syria. ( What Obama does not want you to read)

Friday, August 30, 2013

US Invasion of Syria

Will Libya be the beginning of World War 3?
Editorial Note: This post was originally published on 30 August, and was viewed
more than 100 times in the first 15 minutes.   On 31 August, the link to the site
was no longer functional, and the draft text had been edited.
We seem to have gotten JimmyBob Clapper’s attention — and reaction.

Here’s my prediction for Syria.
I may be wrong, but I’d put money on this bet.

Mr Obama will likely launch an assault on Syria this weekend while much of America will be engaged in holiday activities or travel — or both.  Mr Obama continues to talk on the phone with various Congressional Representatives and Senators in a ploy to legitimize his actions in the absence of their consent.

Once the attack is launched, complete with collateral damage, the reaction will likely extend far beyond immediate retaliation against Israel and Jordan and the rest of the Middle East; we can expect a response against the US [real or contrived] — with a highly predictable new Executive Order declaring still another National Emergency, and a further restriction of our Constitutional Rights while DHS hunts down “evil-doers“.

Zoom in on the guy with the sucking chest wound!

CNN, having been tipped off by the Oval Office, will be poised with hundreds of cameras to give us a a 360 degree blow-by-blow account of the action, likely with a personal interview with Mr Obama to give us a stirring speech while patting himself on the back.

We’ll have reporters on the ground to interview the valiant rebels, and perhaps a few captured Syrian troops.  Add in clips of Syrians dying of bio-chems, some of which may real, while others are reportedly staged by the rebels, and the groundwork is laid.   Of course, we’ll have corpses, some fresh, others rotting in the sun so our reporters can grieve over the horrors of war — but rationalizing it all with the prediction that Assad will be tracked down and brought to justice for “Crimes against humanity” and salvation fromWeapons of Mass Destruction.

Isn’t it odd that Saddam’s [Bush’s Adversary] use of biochemical agents against the Kurds and Iranians did NOT qualify as WMDs, yet Assad’s [Obama’s Adversary] use of the same agents [from Saddam’s inventory] DO qualify as WMDs.

Ah, but the Liberal Media is SOOOO fickle.
Mr Bush sponsored a Bad War because of these same WMDs, and Mr Obama is sponsoring a, a, a, um, a Political War because of these same WMDs — obtained from Saddam?

Mr Obama has invested quite a bit of time and effort in rationalizing his planned invasion of Syria.

He [or Valerie Jarrett] ordered US military elements into the region to prepare for the invasion.  And, there are lots of these elements close by.  EUCOM [the European Command] AFRICOM [the African Command], the Fifth and Sixth US Navy Fleets, and variety of special operations elements [none of which seemed to be available during the attack on Benghazi.

The scandal-ridden USS San Antonio [built for $1.7 Billion – only $840 million over budget by Northrup Grumman] transited the Suez Canal and is now poised in the Mediterranean as a “contingency“,  carrying up to 800 Marines, landing craft, and helicopters.
[After christening, the ship was reportedly unable to move under her own power and had to be towed to the Pascagoula shipyard — and was not fit for sea duty for two more years.  Subsequently, it has had a series of expensive repairs to keep it seaworthy.  Operationally, its commanders and crews have demonstrated excellence, in spite of the ship’s construction problems.]

Welcome to Jordan, son. Got your gas mask?

He’s positioned US troops in Jordan as well as lots of Marines [more than 20,000] aboard ships in the 5th and 6th Fleets, poised and ready for the Commander-in-Chief’s order to attack.

These would be the same fleets turned invisible by Valerie Jarrett’s edict during Benghazi.

We’ll then see an amphibious assault by Marines, some of whom will be filmed wading [needlessly] ashore, grim-faced, and perhaps wearing gas masks.

Oh, the drama!

Some of you [with the exception of Congress] will inevitably ask:
Wait, wait!
If we have all these 5th and 6th Fleet forces in the Mediterranean for this assault, 

      where were they when Benghazi was under attack, and why weren’t some of these 
      20,000 Marines rescuing the Americans at the Benghazi Consulate.

Ah, but that’s a rhetorical question, isn’t it.
As Hillary aptly commented  What difference does it make!

There will likely be a missile bombardment to the delight of the Media with “bombs bursting in air” and perhaps stirring background music by Mahalia Jackson, bellowing out something other than the Star Spangled Banner.

Jet fighters will zoom around Syria’s airspace, making for more excellent footage for the Media,

We”ll have visuals of aircraft carriers, helicopters and assault craft by the hundreds, and a few AC-130s circling to show off their deadliest gunnery capabilities — all to the amazement and the delight of the viewing audience as they gather around their grills drinking beer — or a fine 6th .

It will be the best Labor Day fireworks show in history.
CNN will run these fireworks displays over and over and over, because the viewing public likes color and excitement, with the hushed voice of a reporter sadly commenting on the immense death and destruction being waged in “… this horrific onslaught!

By the time Tuesday rolls around, and folks are back at work or following events on TV, all that will be left will be talking heads deciding how long the US will remain engaged in Syria — will it be weeks, months, years?

GEN of the Universe – MacBama

All that would be missing would be a video of Mr Obama, a la MacArthurimage, wading ashore with corncob pipe gritted between his clenched teeth.

Will Mr Obama finally look “Presidential”?

Will he be like Mr Jimmy who prepped his Iranian Rescue Mission and had a room full of medals and citations for valor already prepared, lacking only names to be inserted — followed by disasters on the ground and his own humiliation?

Look for the terms:  Peacekeeping and Stability Operations, 
and lots of grim-faced CNN reporters. This event may even win an Emmy or two.

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