Dear President Obama: (An angry Pirate goes on a rant)


Mr. President, I am a concerned American. I have never been involved in politics until recently.

I am horrified with the path you are taking America down.
Before when we elected Presidents it was understood that once the election was over the President would govern fairly for ALL people. Black, white, red, yellow. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian.

You have changed all that. You promised hope and change, well we got the change but have little hope.

You claimed you would be transparent. Yet you spy on all Americans with the NSA and the IRS. You store our emails our phone calls, everything we do. “Just in case” you need it. 1000’s of your contractors have access to our information and are using it to promote your agenda. Then you send your minions out to lie to us.

Where has our freedom gone? Have you forgotten our Constitution?
You say you would support whistle blowers who tell the truth, but they are threatened, abused, harassed and fired. You treat them as criminals.

It appears to me that you are doing everything in your power to destroy this great country.

You overburden the economy with regulations.
You appear to have no grasp of the Constitution or the separation of powers for checks and balances.

You side with terrorists, encouraging them and supporting them to the detriment of America’s allies. You have done more harm to U.S. foreign policy than any other President in my opinion. The “Arab Spring you and Hillary encouraged has been a disaster.
You work to destabilize the middle east by sending weapons to our enemies who are the same terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center.
You allow Americans to be slaughtered in Benghazi, Libya. A ambassador, and 3 other heroes. When the ex Navy Seals called for help you went to bed and could not be bothered.

Now you ignore the use of chemical weapons in Syria while children die.

Financially you have buried us in more debt than any other President. We will most likely never fully recover from this without a worldwide bankruptcy. Of course you and Michelle and your political allies are riding high on the hog.

Domestically Eric Holder is doing your dirty work. Sending weapons to Mexico so you can blame Americans of selling guns to drug cartels. Allowing Brian Terry to DIE for your political agenda.

But now you are starting race wars. You ignore the death and carnage in your hometown of Chicago. You actually act like nothing is wrong when the people you once organized murder each other and commit genocide.

But then Treyvon Martin happened. A teenager already in trouble with the law. NOT the young child you had your media show us. First you went and stirred the pot saying “I could have been Treyvon”.
Then after George Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty” you went and stirred the pot some more implying that the verdict was wrong and the “gun” was to blame. (I am not even going to get started on your attempts to disarm our 2nd rights)
But now because of you, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the media, Black youth are on the rampage in America. Gangs roam the streets and see how many whites they can “knockout” others enter stores in mobs and steal what they want.
Young “bored” gang banger wannabes go out and randomly MURDER an innocent college student from Australia.
Then today there was news of a World War 2 vet. 89 minding his own business when 2 Black youth decided to beat him to death. What are you going to do to stop the violence you encouraged the Black youth to commit?

Then I hear that you are training DHS for civil unrest? Stockpiling bullets, building FEMA camps?

It appears to me that you are doing this all on purpose. Your goal is to destroy America. You are doing a good job, but we are on to you.
We are not going to take the bait.

The anger with you in America is palatable. There are many calls to impeach you.
You and America have lost the respect of the world community.

I will do whatever I can to get the truth out. So will many others, for there are millions of us who love America and the freedom she promises.
I can predict with confidence that your party will be devastated in the next elections and it is all because of the destruction you wrought.

You are not big enough or smart enough (even with Geroge Soros backing you) to destroy AMERICA.
We have been awakened like the “Sleeping Giant”

You will be removed from office. Your co conspirators in the DOJ, IRS, EPA will go to jail.

We are on to your lies and your manipulation.
We will not stand for it any longer.
We will not allow you or the Muslim Brotherhood to bring your perverted sense of justice to America.
Our allies will not let you help the Brotherhood bring their terrorism to their part of the world.

We will stop you. We know your game plan now. We read your book.

Sign me “One Angry Pirate”
– The Piratearian


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