Looking for stories of YOUR military heroes for project. Please respond with your story.

Have you lost someone you loved who gave their life in the service of their country in the military? Army, Navy, Marine Corps.

Did they die in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan? Did they give their lives being heroes at Camp Pendleton, Fort Bragg or Fort Campbell?

If so I would like to hear your story of them. I want to hear who they were up to the point where they entered the service and why.

Then when did they pass.

I want your personal story. Short or long.

Who were they growing up? What made them who they were? Were they a football hero? Did they play baseball? What did they do in school, who did they love. What were their goals? What made them special?

Please tell me their story so I may honor them. You can use their real name or add a fictional name.

If you have pictures of them growing up that would be great too.

I want to create stories to honor them, to let the world know where heroes come from. Who they were before they entered the military.

If you want to share please send your stories to Piratearian@gmail.com Subject: My Hero


God Bless.



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