America, Who are you going to be?

The time to effect change is now.

The Piratearian


The Piratearian

We were called paranoid, radical, stupid, reactionary, robots, conservative radicals.

When I was young, I registered for the draft. It is what you did. We did not worry about the government reaching into our life.

I saw my father have problems with the IRS. I learned just file and pay your taxes on time and you will be fine.

I never had much interaction with government.

I grew up. I became a conservative because of Ronald Reagan. I cheered when he “Tore down that wall”.

I understood the concept of a small government. When RR said “Government is not the solution to our problems, Government IS the problem” I really started paying attention.

Then 9/11 happened.
We all got caught up in patriotism and the goal of stopping the terrorists. DHS was created.
This was the beginning of the end in my opinion.

Reagan also once said:…

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