The best seven minutes I have heard lately on the topic of gun control by the Virtual President of the United States


Sunday, June 9th, 2013 @ 1:12AM

The Virtual President of the United States (Bill Whittle) should consider a run for the actual presidency. Listening to the positions described on his website located at is nothing short of inspiring. Few real politicians would have the courage to say what he says or stand true to the convictions that should be held dear by ALL politicians who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

The Chinese have a curse .. “May you live in interesting times.” Given the events of the past few weeks and months it is clear that those interesting times are here. That the government our fore fathers warned about, and were so concerned about that they enshrined in our Constitution the very safeguards and protections we would need to defend ourselves against, may well be holding the reigns of power. The Virtual President chastises congress for its actions and speaks directly to the will of the founders. In the Virtual State of the Union Address 2013, his impassioned declarations on the constitutional safeguards stirs the soul.

In his common sense message, the Virtual President describes the issue more clearly than I have heard it described in quite some time. His analogy that on the plains of the Serengeti, when the gazelle is attacked by the leopard, there is no argument that the gazelle has the absolute right to use its hooves and horns on the leopard in an act of absolute self defense yet politicians would deny its fellow humans the identical right. Such people think that the way to stop the leopard is to cut the horns off the gazelle. He says that making prey more defenseless only creates more predators. He is undeniably and inarguably correct. Perhaps you can use THAT analogy against the anti-gun ilk.

Click here and gather those nearby around you for seven of the most genuine moments never heard in the actual halls of government and ask yourself why we cannot seem to put in power those who espouse such values. Then, seek out like minded individuals and do whatever it takes to get this nation back on its Constitutional keel.

One great place to meet likeminded people is at our Restoring Responsibility Tour locations where you can listen to the inspirational message of another true patriot, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman as he helps you to install your Bullet Proof Mind.

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via The best seven minutes I have heard lately on the topic of gun control by the Virtual President of the United States.


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