Obama’s Birth Certificate Created in Adobe Illustrator

Obama’s Birth Certificate Created in Adobe Illustrator Obama Guilty of Committing the Biggest Crime in American Presidential History

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The Face of Crime & Terrorism in the United States today

The Face of Crime & Terrorism in the United States today

By Nigel J. Covington III


<National Report> Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case Posse who investigated the Obama birth certificate scandal have proven the document is computer generated by using Adobe Illustrator. Even Obama-bot Josh Darville, who insisted Obama is the legitimate president walked away disgusted after he videotaped his effort to prove the document was not Photoshopped. After 7 minutes of video Darville was convinced its a fake. Darville downloaded the questionable document from the White House website in an effort to show it as legitimate, only to find Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate is nothing more than a cut & paste job created using about a dozen layers.

The case is now before the Alabama Supreme Court and is being heard by Chief Justice Roy Moore, a strict constitutionalist. Sheriff Joe Arpaio stated after the evidence is reviewed by the court he will present the case before Congress.

“Cold Case Posse lead investigator, Mike Zullo, revealed for the first time that Reed Hayes of Hawaii is the Certified Document Examiner (CDE) who produced the 40 page opinion referenced in an Alabama court affidavit. Hayes’ report concluded that Obama’s White House .pdf birth certificate image was a complete fabrication and a 100% forgery.”

The rabid mad dog followers of Obama, known as “Obots,” or “Obama-bots” have rushed to denounce Reed Hayes as a “quack.” The fact is anyone who dare question the president on any issue is immediately set upon by these Obots and called racists, haters and liars. In their twisted liberal-democrat minds Obama can do no wrong and questioning the man will only bring a firestorm of hate and more lies from these Democratic liberals.

“What’s new and different about Obama’s Cold Case Posse’s challenge to Obama’s documents is that, unlike previous attacks, the Cold Case Posse cannot be dismissed as the ravings of an individual “crackpot” who doesn’t like Obama. The Cold Case Posse is made up of experienced law enforcement investigators who have willingly and openly detailed every step in their research and analysis,” according to the Mr. Conservative website.

For more on this breaking story:

Mr. Conservative’s website is: http://www.mrconservative.com/2013/06/18361-obamas-birth-certificate-being-questioned-in-alabama-supreme-court/

You can laugh your ass off watching this Obot video, as the poster Josh Darville, records his computer screen as he goes to the White House website and downloads Obama’s birth certificate to prove it is legitimate. Seven minutes later after discovering the document contained multiple layers, Darville had to admit it’s a complete fraud. That link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9j7ksEw1YU

Watch CBS news coverage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xh37rWmUL9Q#!

Obama Threatens Media With Federal Investigation If They Pursue Birth Certificate!!


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