The Pirate calls the media out.3 MAJOR Scandals hit Obama @DarrellIssa @jasoninthehouse

Benghazi, IRS now Justice illegal wiretaps on reporters.

All involve Obama, all are impeachable.

America is finally learning the truth and Obama and his machine cannot keep this story hidden.

We need a House Presidential Crimes commission formed NOW.

We need legal depositions under oath of all the players involved, including all the whistleblowers Obama has attempted to silence.

All of Obama’s staff (WH and Political) needs to be deposed.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi did you conspire in this?

We need to abolish the IRS.

What say you America? ABC, CBS, NBC? Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC.

Are you with the criminals or the truth.

America needs the TRUTH. Do not report on the truth at your own peril.

Our sails are set, our cannons loaded. Our cause is just.

The Armada is coming your way.

– Piratearian


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