Koch Brothers Make Play for Media Empire | TheBlaze.com

While many conservatives bemoan the influence of billionaire investor George Soros over American politics through his prolific investments in nonprofits and media, progressives have long held a bogeyman of their own to attack: Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, known in most outlets as “the Koch brothers.” The Kochs, described in some circles as “the financial engine of the Tea Party,” have built large chunks of the conservative nonprofit infrastructure since 2010 (which has earned their political investments the derogatory nickname “The Kochtopus”), and are some of the most prolific donors to Republican and libertarian-leaning politicians.

But for all these financial contributions to the grassroots and political sides of the conservative movement, the Kochs had yet to build up their influence in the media. That state of affairs may now be at an end, as the two are said to be considering buying the $7 billion Tribune newspaper company, which owns such well-known papers as The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The Orlando Sentinel and The Hartford Courant. more…..

via Koch Brothers Make Play for Media Empire | TheBlaze.com.


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