Obama goes “Balling” with Reggie. Not to church

Just weeks after going 2 for 22 on the basketball court, President Barack Obama went to shoot hoops again — but this time there were no camers allowed. He was joined by his former aide Reggie Love, who played basketball for Duke.

Here are today’s pool report:

Sunday morning hoops

POTUS, wearing baseball cap and casual clothes, trotted down north steps of WH to waiting motorcade at 9:24 am.

Arrived at FBI for basketball 9:30 am. …Motorcade departed FBI at 11:36, arrived WH at 11:40 am. Tourists lined road snapping pix at start of trip (10th and E Sts NW) and as we entered WH compound.

Potus sighted trotting up steps of North Portico, accompanied by another tall man, but WH not revealing identity of hoops companions. …Some deets on Potus attire from review of cameraman’s video: dark Nike pants, dark Secret Service jacket, gray and red basketball sneakers (couldn’t tell brand), White Sox cap.

As he was leaving WH this morning, he had a print newspaper under his arm, unclear which one. (Yay print)

As he reentered WH after playing, he was with Reggie Love.

via Obama Shoots Hoops with Reggie Love | The Weekly Standard.


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