Holder: Obama plan does not rule out killing Americans on American soil

Drone plan reveals broader objective to kill Americans

Small, unmanned drones such as these are at the center of a controversy in Washington concerning targeted assassinations of American citizens.
Small, unmanned drones such as these are at the center of a controversy in Washington concerning targeted assassinations of American citizens.
(Photo by Ron Ben Ishai/Yedioth Ahronoth/Pool/Getty Images)
  •  Obama administration’s drone plan, which implements the use of predator drones to target and kill suspected terrorists overseas, took an ominous turn Tuesday when Attorney General Eric Holder stated that not only does the administration plan to use drones to kill suspected American terrorists on U.S. soil but that such a plan is entirely legal, even without due process of law.

Many conservatives and government watchdog groups have warned since the beginning of the plan that such a course of action is illegal, unconstitutional, and places the current administration in the role of a tyrannical government.

But Tuesday’s announcement by Holder drew the most vociferous protests to date.

Policy analysts state that if it is legal for the administration to use drones to kill Americans on U.S. soil without due process of law, then it is also legal for them to kill citizens using any means possible, not just drones.

A drone is merely the instrument, the tool, by which a broader policy objective is carried out. Many other instruments and tools are already at the disposal of the administration for carrying out such a policy objective, such as militarized police officers traveling in armored tanks, assassins who use silencer guns, and snipers placed on top of buildings.

If a drone can be used to kill an American citizen who has not been charged with a crime or faced a jury of his peers in a court of law, then what is to prevent the government from using any other method to murder its own citizens in cold blood?

And this brings us to the heart of the Obama administration’s policy which it believes is fully legal and can withstand any challenge in the courts. The Obama administration believes it has the full authority to kill any citizen it deems as a threat at any time, any place, and using any weapon it chooses. No arrest. No trial. No verdict. No sentence.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is presently engaged in an old fashioned senate filibuster to prevent the confirmation of John Brennan, Obama’s nominee for CIA Director. It is widely believed that Brennan is the administration’s mastermind behind the drone program.

Sen. Paul says that he will stay on his feet and speak until he can speak no more in order to block Brennan’s confirmation, or until such time as the administration provides to the senate full documentation on why it believes the drone program is legal. So far the administration has refused those requests.

With the current attempt of the administration to disarm ordinary citizens through highly restrictive new firearms laws and gun bans, it is safe to assume that Holder’s statements on Tuesday reflect a virtual declaration of war on the American public by the American government.

Sen. Paul’s filibuster is but a mere tip of the iceberg of what the citizens in the heartland actually feel and think about the Obama plan for America since his reelection last year. The ire and rage are palpable and growing by the day.

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