Chuck Hagel Pacifist member of Global Zero and the Ploughshares Fund

Proving that the once-conservative DOD is now firmly controlled and run by pacifists wishing to disarm the US in concert with their fellow pacifists at the State Department, the Obama DOD has released a pamphlet of blatant lies intended to make Obama SECDEF nominee Chuck Hagel look good. The pamphlet attacks what it calls 7 “myths” about Chuck Hagel and invokes what it falsely claims are “facts”, but which are actually blatant lies.


On America’s nuclear deterrent – which Hagel would like to do away with (and could, if confirmed as Secretary of Defense), the DOD falsely claims that Hagel is committed to retaining a nuclear deterrent “as long as nuclear weapons exist”, but at the same time shares Barack Obama’s “goal of a world without nuclear weapons”.


Leaving aside the fact that such a world will never exist, that the world is currently going in the exactly opposite direction (with more countries joining the nuclear club), and that nuclear disarmament is undesirable (the risk of war between great powers will be much higher without nuclear weapons being there to restrain them), the fact is that Hagel is NOT committed to maintaining a nuclear deterrent: He’s virulently opposed to it.


Chuck Hagel is a board member of two extremely leftist, pacifist organizations seeking deep unilateral cuts in America’s nuclear arsenal: Global Zero and the Ploughshares Fund. Both seek to disarm the US unilaterally while claiming to seek universal nuclear disarmament. Both also grossly overstate the cost of America’s nuclear deterrent. Ploughshares also pays millions to media outlets each year to slant their stories in favor of unilateral arms cuts and against America’s nuclear deterrent (the NPR has been particularly biased in that, and receives $5 mn per year from Ploughshares) and virulently opposes any military action against Iran.


Global Zero has, for its part, released a “report” co-authored by Hagel which calls for deep UNILATERAL cuts in America’s nuclear deterrent, including the elimination of all US ICBMs, deep cuts in the bomber and ballistic missile submarine fleets, scrapping all US cruise missiles, and scrapping America’s tactical nuclear weapons.


via Rebuttal of the DOD’s lies in defense of Chuck Hagel.


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