Response to Steve Reichert on his meme on Women in combat.

From a fan;


I am writing in response to your meme about Women in Combat. I apologize for not using the comment section but seeing as our “Amendments” do not seem to apply anymore I felt this was the best forum without suffering repercussions.

My biggest accomplishment in this life is being a Mother. I don’t care what movement is set back with that statement or any I make from this point on. We are nurturers by nature and in that come real power and strength. Everyone has a mother, a child builds an emotional bond with us in utero and beyond, but if we are amiss in some way you see the ripple effects in our social construct as demonstrated today. I volunteer three times a week reading to children in my local Elementary School. When I am not at the school I am trying to explain to my six year old why bungee cords are not effective for repelling and why he cannot wear his NBC mask to movie theaters, even if it has the “Coolest Straw Ever!!”

I was a 68W. I have fireman carried a guy twice my size in full battle gear and in my mind all could surmise is he needs to learn the benefits of going Paleo or wind up a human shield. I can do dips, pull-ups and chin-ups. Before I was injured I ran in the Alpha run group. I weigh 140 lbs. and I am all of 5’6” . My shotgun and AR 1-15 both encompass pink features because it is my favorite color. Plus if an intruder survives it has to sting the ego to have flashback of bubblegum and fuchsia. I make no apologies for preferring to smell like lavender and roses, not a 10 day mission, funk and baby wipes. I have no penile envy other than you can go in a bottle and I have to cop a squat on the side of the road, in an emergency.

As for being a woman in Combat, I couldn’t think of a more Sadomasochistic self-indulgence then to spend 6 months at war with other women’s husbands with nothing more than a toothbrush and 6 boxes of tampons to stave off a friendly fire incident better known as PMS. Does anyone realize that all their cycles with start to coincide and the ramifications? Really, there is one day per month; I am so damn mean I despise myself. Pizza is even ordered online to spare the innocent. I am sure most men volunteer to deploy to get away from us. The first ones to go Infantry are probably the ones who grew up with sisters. This isn’t contrived, trust me there are days I could dragon kick a toddler without conscience and not attend confession.

I would suggest you add Midol, salt and vinegar kettle chips, and as much chocolate as you can carry to your meme call it The Field Guide to Navigating Hell Week 2.0. . These items should be in an aid bag damn any EO complaints. Any woman who doesn’t agree with the extent of PMS is lying, medicated, sterilized or has already forgone Menopause.

GOP Lawmaker Introduces Bill Making Budget Deficit Impeachable Offense « Pat Dollard

Excerpted from The Hill: Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) this week proposed a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution that would make the president’s failure to enforce that amendment an impeachable offense.

His Protecting America’s Solvency Act, H.R. 371, would let the debt ceiling rise by $1 trillion after congressional passage of the balanced-budget amendment. The ceiling could rise another $1 trillion after states ratify it.

The bill says the amendment must require federal spending not to exceed the revenue it collects, a goal it must meet after five years. But it does allow Congress to suspend this limit with a four-fifths majority vote, or by a simple majority during wartime.

If a budget deficit occurred for any other reason, the president would have to take “such steps as are necessary” to avoid it. Failure would leave him open to impeachment.

“The President may not order any increase in taxes or other revenue measures to enforce the Amendment,” the bill reads. “A President’s failure to prevent a prohibited fiscal year deficit is an impeachable offense.”

In an interview with The Hill, Brooks said he believes putting that kind of pressure on the president is needed to ensure the government avoids a deficit.

“Most states have a balanced-budget requirement,” he said. “In all states, it’s incumbent on the governor to ensure that spending equals revenue during the fiscal year.

“I have learned from experience that unless there is penalty … there is a significant risk that the executive, or for that matter the Senate or the House, won’t do it.”

Brooks said that because the bill would require a balanced budget to be passed in most years, any budget deficit that evolves over the fiscal year would likely be due to revenue shortfalls. Those shortfalls would likely be small and easily managed by the executive branch, he said.

Brooks said the issue of how to control the debt and deficit will only become more critical over time, especially given that each increase in the debt ceiling also adds to the government’s annual interest payments.

“Every time Washington increases the debt ceiling, more and more current revenue is devoted to debt service, rather than appropriate federal government functions,” he said. “So the situation just keeps getting worse and worse.”

Passage of the No Budget, No Pay Act effectively raises the debt ceiling by another $300 billion to $400 billion, which will tack on billions more per year in interest payments.

“That’s another six to eight billion dollars no longer available to provide needed services to the American people,” he said.

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‘Creepy’ Pro-Abortion Commercial Celebrating 40th ‘Anniversary’ of Roe v. Wade Disgusts Viewers | Christian News Network

New York, New York – A commercial released yesterday by the Center for Reproductive Rights in celebration of the 40th year of Roe v. Wade is generating much discussion among viewers who are largely disgusted by the presentation, one of which called the advertisement “creepy.”

The video features Mehcad Brooks of USA Network’s Necessary Roughness and HBO’s True Blood, who is sitting by the fire, holding a rose. In what first appears to be some sort of romantic message about the remembrance of one’s wedding anniversary later obviates to be a presentation in support of abortion.

“To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade we didn’t buy a ruby,” the Center for Reproductive Rights writes under the description of the video. “Instead, the Center for Reproductive Rights asked Mehcad Brooks … to prepare a special video message just for you.”

“Oh, hey baby,” Brooks begins, smelling the rose. “What, did you think I forgot? I didn’t forget. How could I ever forget our anniversary?”

“All these years, so many people said we’d never make it. They’ve been trying to tear us apart — take you away,” he continues in a sensual voice. “Put limits on you. On me. On us.”

Brooks then states that he will fight for his “anniversary.”

“But every time, we’ve proven ourselves stronger. An anniversary like this is not something that you forget. No, no, no, baby. It’s something that you fight for,” he says, winking. “And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, baby — fight.”

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“A few of us — well, actually, a couple hundred thousand of us — have chipped in to get you something mighty special, baby. And we’re going to be standing right by your side — today, tomorrow, and the years to come, because that is how much you mean to me, baby — to us. To all of us,” Brooks adds with a laugh. “So with that, happy anniversary, baby. Looking good for 40. Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

The video ends with a “happy anniversary” message from the Center for Reproductive Rights, which asks people to “show their love” for Roe v. Wade.

“This one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen,” commented viewer Jarrod Cecil. “If this motivates someone to have an abortion, God help us all. Sickening.”

“Who is the pervert who thought of this? This man loves abortion (hard to imagine anyone whose soul is so dead that he or she would love abortion),” added Roseanne Sullivan. “Abortion has been promoted from the beginning by men who want sex without consequences instead of faithful, fertile, committed marital love. They can use women all they want and leave them to abort any children they conceive.”

“Of course creepy cads love abortion,” wrote pro-life blogger Jill Stanek. “Is there any feminist out there who won’t be insulted by this video? Or will they try to laugh it off? And blacks? Will they, too, shrug off the stereotype?”

“I am post-abortive and it is offensive to watch this [man] carry on like this,” another woman wrote. “I used to support abortion until I killed my child and couldn’t be escorted out the clinic any faster when I showed up a week later with abortion regret and reaching out for help like the clinic staff said I could do at anytime. At that point, I realized the abortion industry does not care about women like they say they do. I was pro-choice for many years before killing my child.”

The video, which as of press time has been viewed over 17,000 times since yesterday, has over a thousand dislikes and less than one hundred likes.

A reported 55 million babies have lost their lives since the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade.


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