Response to Steve Reichert on his meme on Women in combat.

From a fan;


I am writing in response to your meme about Women in Combat. I apologize for not using the comment section but seeing as our “Amendments” do not seem to apply anymore I felt this was the best forum without suffering repercussions.

My biggest accomplishment in this life is being a Mother. I don’t care what movement is set back with that statement or any I make from this point on. We are nurturers by nature and in that come real power and strength. Everyone has a mother, a child builds an emotional bond with us in utero and beyond, but if we are amiss in some way you see the ripple effects in our social construct as demonstrated today. I volunteer three times a week reading to children in my local Elementary School. When I am not at the school I am trying to explain to my six year old why bungee cords are not effective for repelling and why he cannot wear his NBC mask to movie theaters, even if it has the “Coolest Straw Ever!!”

I was a 68W. I have fireman carried a guy twice my size in full battle gear and in my mind all could surmise is he needs to learn the benefits of going Paleo or wind up a human shield. I can do dips, pull-ups and chin-ups. Before I was injured I ran in the Alpha run group. I weigh 140 lbs. and I am all of 5’6” . My shotgun and AR 1-15 both encompass pink features because it is my favorite color. Plus if an intruder survives it has to sting the ego to have flashback of bubblegum and fuchsia. I make no apologies for preferring to smell like lavender and roses, not a 10 day mission, funk and baby wipes. I have no penile envy other than you can go in a bottle and I have to cop a squat on the side of the road, in an emergency.

As for being a woman in Combat, I couldn’t think of a more Sadomasochistic self-indulgence then to spend 6 months at war with other women’s husbands with nothing more than a toothbrush and 6 boxes of tampons to stave off a friendly fire incident better known as PMS. Does anyone realize that all their cycles with start to coincide and the ramifications? Really, there is one day per month; I am so damn mean I despise myself. Pizza is even ordered online to spare the innocent. I am sure most men volunteer to deploy to get away from us. The first ones to go Infantry are probably the ones who grew up with sisters. This isn’t contrived, trust me there are days I could dragon kick a toddler without conscience and not attend confession.

I would suggest you add Midol, salt and vinegar kettle chips, and as much chocolate as you can carry to your meme call it The Field Guide to Navigating Hell Week 2.0. . These items should be in an aid bag damn any EO complaints. Any woman who doesn’t agree with the extent of PMS is lying, medicated, sterilized or has already forgone Menopause.


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