Questions on Benghazi that need to be asked of Hillary Clinton – Your Immediate action needed

Hillary Clinton will testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Comittee on the 23rd. She will also testify before the House Foreign Affairs Commitee that afternoon.

Did the actions / in-actions of Secretary Clinton and President Obama lead to the deaths of these Americans?

You need to contact your States Senate and House Representatives that are on these committees.
Call and write. (Calling is much more effective.) Ask for the Sr. Staffer on Foreign relations if your member is not available.

Ask these questions to Secretary of State Clinton:

Who specifically wrote Ambassador Susan Rices talking points that she used on all the Sunday talk shows to spread disinformation?

Why did the Dept of State contract with a militia group with known ties to Al-Qaeda? (Libyan February 17 Martyrs’ Brigade)

How come the State Dept cut security at Benghazi even though there were known threats and a history of attacks?

Did Clinton order heighten security with the anniversary of 9/11 coming up?

What procedures were in place for the “Benghazi Diplomatic Mission” to request emergency assistance in case of attack?

When the call was placed to Washington notifying them of the emergency who was notified?

How long after being alerted to the attack was President Obama and his security staff notified? Who and When?

When was General Ham @ AFRICOM notified? Was he told to stand down and by who?

I do not remember, I cannot recall… I hit my head…

Why were special forces operators in Sigonella Italy told to stand down when they were ready to assist?

Who was Ambassador Stevens meeting with and why?

Did you restrict the arming or training of any of the guards at Benghazi?

Did President Obama or his security staff have anything to do with the lack of security in Benghazi and a planned kidnapping of the Ambassador?

Why did Libyan authorities delay the rescue team by 3 hours at the airport?

Did the State Dept have any communication with the authorities that was intended to delay the rescue team from Tripoli from getting to the mission / annex early enough to save more lives?

Was the mission in Benghazi moving any weapons they collected out of Libya so they could be used to support the rebels in Syria?

Where are the witnesses from the mission and Annex in Benghazi and when will you provide their identity so they can testify to the happenings of 9/11/ 2012?

How many CIA/State employees really died on 9/11/2012? Who had what injuries?

How many enemy combatants were killed in the battle?

Why the cover up?

Why the lies?

Please communicate some of these questions. Otherwise the cover up of Benghazi will continue.

Did Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty being Heroes disrupt a State Dept plan by fighting back?

Will the families of all the heroes of Benghazi learn the truth?

Please call and write your Senator / Congress representative today!


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