Iraq’s First Lady in Contact with the Mossad

eila Mazboudi

Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmad, Iraq’s first lady, and the candidate to succeed her husband, President Jalal Talibani, in case he dies, maintains close relationships with the Israeli Mossad.

Iraq’s First Lady in Contact with the Mossad

This disclosure is attributed to the grand Iraqi poet, Saadi Yusuf, the very close acquaintance of her father, the well-known Iraqi-Kurdish man of politics and letters, Ibrahim Ahmad.

On the one hand, the latter is one of the founders of the Kurdish Democratic Party, and on the other, he was the pioneer in writing novels in Kurdish literature.

According to Yusuf, Hero, who was very excited for the American occupation of Iraq, has very close relationships with the Israeli Mossad, and knows in person the Chief of Kadima Party, and the former Mossad agent, Tsipi Livni, whom she had met on several occasions and in different capitals all over the world.

This information may very well be taken seriously. And it seems that this woman, who owns a group of Iraqi media outlets, never regrets to initiate good relationships with pro-Israeli Zionist milieu in the West.

In June 2008, she went to Simon Wiesenthal, the main center for supporting Israel in Los Angelos, the United States. According to the Jewish Journal website, the only side admitted to cover the event, the Iraqi first lady visited the multimedia Museum of Tolerance, which examines issues of racism and anti-Semitism in the United States and all over the world.

In response to the journal’s correspondent question whether the Iraqi government did approve her visit, Mrs. Talibani answered: “I don’t ask anybody’s permission. I go wherever I want.”

Before this visit, she invited to dinner at her home in Suleimaniyyah, North of Iraq, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Assistant Dean of the Wiesenthal Center, and Geft Liebe, the Director of the museum, besides inviting them to the commemoration of the death of 5000 Kurds killed in the Halabja Massacre, committed by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

According to Syria Truth website, since her husband was hospitalized, Mrs. Talibani is competing for his succession with Bourhom Saleh, the Kurdish National Union Party’s vice-president, and she has a big chance in winning regarding her experience in the political life, as well as the decisive role she played in founding the Party.


via Iraq’s First Lady in Contact with the Mossad.

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