Why not armed Police / Safety officers at schools?

Where I live any road construction needs to have 1 staffed police car on site with lights on.
In this day and age how come we do not have laws for every school to have a “Safety officer”?
It may not be a law here but in my local schools there is either a police officer or a safety officer on campus while school is in session.

Is it that much to ask?
If there was a safety officer at school last Friday many lives could have been saved.
Just the fact that a gunman would know that there is a armed individual on campus
could deter 99% of the potential killers that are thinking of committing horrific crimes.

There is a petition on Whitehouse.gov that asks just that.
Please go to http://wh.gov/RSjF and sign the petition asking President Obama to sponsor this law.

Instead of screaming for less guns, how about we ask for protection for our children from those who are sick enough to attempt such a horrible crime.
Please share and sign the petition at http://wh.gov/RSjF


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