Bring GOD back to our children.

Mass murders are horrible tragic things.
But think of this.
The Media, the Government has forced GOD out of schools, out of public.
We cannot teach our children the 10 commandments unless we get them to church.
They are taught their is no GOD.
They are taught marriage is not between a Man and a Woman.
They are taught that is is OK to abort a baby if it is their “choice”.
So to the young mind why not go kill 20-30 people, become a celebrity and die.
They will be on all the news, every magazine.

But then it happens, tragedy.
All of a sudden the media talks about church about the comfort of GOD.
Obama gets religion.
I saw a network anchor today stand in front of a church and ask “what can we do to stop these tragedies?”
They see legislation, change the constitution, punish gun owners.

But the answer is right there.
Bring GOD back to our children.

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