Opinion: Is Obama arming the Muslim Brotherhood intentionally to take over Israel and the middle east?

The Piratearian—

First there was the “Arab Spring” encouraged by Obama and Clinton.

Then there was Benghazi where we are learning that Obama is secretly funneling weapons from Libya through others to terrorists / rebels in Syria who are actually Al Qaeda members.

NOW Obama is shipping F-16’s to Morsi in Egypt who has anointed himself as dictator and a top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now since the Muslim Brotherhoods goal is to destroy Israel and KILL all infidels who do not adopt their religion or “Sharia” law, we as a free people should be plenty worried.

It appears that Obama IS setting the free world up to be destroyed.

AMERICA if it wants to exist better wake up.
If not our way of life will be gone very soon.


Muslim Brotherhood inherits U.S. war gear – Washington Times.


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