Is the Liberal mindset at the root cause of our societal breakdown?

The Piratearian

Today was a terrible day in Newtown, Ct.
Many lives were senselessly lost.
Emotions are raw everywhere with people asking why, how?
Then there are those who are already using it for their own political agenda.
The bodies were not even cold before the Mayor of New York and the President will calling for changes in firearm laws. “Ban assault weapons!!” “Ban Automatic weapons”
Now it is looking like the “Assault weapon” was left in the car. (Never mind that there is no such thing as an assault weapon) Also no automatic weapons were used. Just plain old fashion semi auto handguns. (As of this writing).
News agencies are asking “How can we prevent this in the future?”
Guess what, it can never be prevented. One person on a mission can do a tremendous amount of damage, with or without illegal weapons.

This Pirate has a different take on things as always.

How is it that our society is raising generations of children who are willing to commit such horrific crimes?

Look at the changes of the last 30 years. Things that were taboo to society are now celebrated as the norm. Our youth listen to ghetto rap music which glorifies murder, rape and other crimes. Children are getting so wrapped up in electronic communication that they no longer know how to function properly in face to face communications.

Add to this the PC or liberal mindset.
Our schools have removed GOD from the equation. When I was growing up we were taught the 10 commandments. We were taught the difference between right and wrong. Parents no longer discipline their children. (If we do we are threatened with jail) Children talk back and show no respect for authority or their parents.

We have created generations of sociopaths. On top of this they think they are entitled to everything they want. They are not emotionally equipped to function in society.

Parents buy expensive game systems where the children interact in a fantasy world with no real consequences. They play “halo” or “Modern Warfare” or games like “Grand Theft Auto” where they get points for killing cops. They play for hours and get points for racking up high body counts. If they get killed, they get healed and start again. No consequences.

Things need to change or there will be more violence. More killing.
Do I think it will get better? No. We have destroyed generations.
We need to replace teachers, replace liberals in the media who promote “Freedom from religion”, not “Freedom OF Religion”.

We must take our children and society back.
You can take all the GUNS away but they will still find ways to kill with illegal guns.

I just hope and pray that the media starts looking at the CAUSE of societal breakdown and not rally around the PC answer that will never work.


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