A Nation of sheep?

Suffering today through the election hangover.
I just heard a few theories on why Obama won. One is absurd, that Obama won because of a photo op with Gov Christie in New Jersey. If that staged media event was enough to turn the election our country is lost.
Early numbers look like Obama had 10,000,000 FEWER voters than in 2008. That was expected. What was not expected and is the reason for the loss was that 3,000,000 FEWER REPUBLICANS and Independents voted for Romney, under the number of voters that voted for John McCain in 2008.
This is amazing. Our country is being changed to a European Socialist model.
Our freedom and way of life is being irrevocably lost.
We will see changes in the Supreme Court, in taxes and Gun laws.
We will lose many freedoms that most Americans take for granted.

The question now is, what are we going to do to change things?
Will it take a atomic bomb or crippling taxes to wake up America?

Is the conservative movement dead?

What about the libertarians? Is that the way of the future?
I will keep fighting, I will not give up.
The question is what are you going to do to effect change?

This Pirate will continue to be a SheepDog.

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