Benghazi attackers MUST be taken alive.

The Piratearian

President Obamas recent security leak that he is garnering resources to “Kill” those responsible for the Benghazi attacks ( ) must not be allowed.
With the White House changing it’s story at every turn, it is imperative that those responsible are taken captive if possible, interrogated and put on trial.
This will allow us to determine A: are they associated with Al Qaeda? B: What were their motives in the embassy attack (Was it to kill the ambassador or kidnap him?) and C: Determine who assisted them in their efforts.
This will put a stop to the media spin by the White House and by Obama’s “Intelligence” Czar James Clapper.
We cannot allow President Obama to act as judge jury and executioner in a country we are not at war with.
We want the truth and that will only be found with witnesses and a proper investigation.

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