2 thoughts on “Immigrant Thomas Peterffy on Socialism – Freedom To Succeed

  1. To Thomas Peterffy: The USA is certainly not going to become a socialist country under President Obama or any other politician. The government will not control the means of production or any businesses. We do run a health care system for our military but that is not socialism. You may have grown up with the evils of a devastated post-WWII economy and you regret that your people did not have enough gumption to work to restore their country without being bribed. What you are missing is an experience living in a plutocracy. The rich get richer and more powerful, everyone else is left to sink into poverty. This country has had that experience from the Civil War to the 1930s. The right-wing forgets this hard lesson – at their own peril. You are not the person to speak to America about economic control systems. Your experience is not an American experience, the Hungarians are not Americans. You have no experience with equates to that of America. You need to study our history first and not just try to conflate your un-American experience with our republic.

    • Actually Obama has show he wants to control production (GM and Green products) business (Telling them how to insure, what they can and can’t do and burdensome regulations. He also supports the most corrupt system in the US which is the unions. So Your argument goes down the drain. The Democrats have done more to keep the poor poor in AMerica than any other group.
      Think, where are the worst ghetto’s in America? Where there are burned out buildings, dysfunctional black poor?
      Every single one is in a Democratic City or State.
      Democrats = #EpicFail

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