Is Obama and Clinton funding terrorism?

There have been several hint recently that Barrack Hussein Obama has changed the overall policy of the U.S as far as funding of terrorists goes.
First there was fast and furious where Obama armed the terrorists / cartels in Mexico to advance his anti gun stance in the U.S. This also led to the death of Brian Terry.
In Libya he apparently funded Al Qaeda terrorists to takeover the country and kill Momar, then he allowed the terrorists to keep the weapons he was providing them. These weapons were then used in terrorist attacks against the U.S. ambassador and intelligence staff who were working covertly to destroy the weapons. I think the closer we look we will find that Obama favors those who are against the U.S.
Finally Obama and Clinton ushered in the “Arab Spring”. This has resulted in a rise of Muslim fundamentalism spreading throughout the region and resulting in terrorist attacks angainst our embassies worldwide while at the same time appearing to abandon our closest allie Israel.
Now they want to fund Egypt after their fundimentalist President claimed he will not play by the rules of the U.S.
There are dark days coming, very dark, caused on purpose by Barrack Hussein Obama.
He represents a “Clear and present danger to our freedom here in America.

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