Do liberals tolerate homeless and filth?

Recently in a blog from a liberal newspaper in a liberal California city, the issue of cleanliness came up. How could our beautiful jewel of the West City be accused of being “un clean”?
There were many comments, most having to do with the homeless population which has been a continuing problem for many years. You see in several prominent areas the homeless “bums” have taken over. They leave their feces, vomit, urine anf filth all over the sidewalk and gutter. Escalators to their “beautiful” public transit system are shut down as the homeless use the stairs as their own private restroom.

Then one comment caught my eye “What do you expect, church going republicans don’t tolerate the homeless in their cities…”
That is a perfect statement, but I appreciated it not in the manner it was offered.
The writer is correct. Republicans / conservatives do not tolerate the homeless.
We help find them jobs, training, medical care, housing programs, food.
We contribute to charities that provide services. We do not wait for “progressive” city councils to enact effective programs that never come.
We actually care and we actually do things that help and are effective.
We walk the walk when the left just talks the talk.
And I am very proud of that.

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