Is Obama desperate to get dirt on Romney? Media requesting sources “Harmed” by Bain.

The Piratearian

Here is an example of the Obama owned media (or the Obama campaign itself) that is out to get Romney.

An “Anonymous” media outlet is putting requests out to find people who
had “health issues” while working at a Bain capitol related company.

This is not reporting. This is a liberal reporter or the Obama campaign doing opposition research
to get dirt on Romney.

This shows that Obama and the Liberal media will go to any length to trash Mitt Romney’s reputation.
It is this Pirate’s opinion that it may not be a reporter but a firm hired by the DNC or the Obama campaign
to give them more ammunition in their all out attack on the character of Mitt Romney.
This is American politics at its worst and President Obama should make a statement to America that it will stop.
This is also a sign of how desperate the Obama campaign is.
This is Chicago style politics. If you can’t beat them destroy their reputation.

The “Reporter” is looking for:

“Workers at Bain-acquired companies whose health benefits were cut or altered” 
Looking to interview current or former employees of Bain

Capital-acquired companies whose health insurance benefits were
cut, reduced or altered after their company was bought by Bain,
and whose medical situation has suffered as a result.
Particularly interested in any workers who suffer from
mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related diseases.


Particularly interested in speaking with workers suffering from
asbestos-related diseases whose companies were acquired by Bain
Capital between 1984 and 1998. 

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