Is Obama waging his own private Drone war? Should Americans be afraid?

The Piratearian

Is our President acting like A emperor? A Czar, A King?

News has surfaced in the NY Times that President Obama meets regularly with his staff and decides who he wants killed. He is given a list of people with pictures and says “Kill him, her, him, him”
Quite often he may not have full intelligence.

If a Republican was doing this it would be called murder.

Obama has turned our fleet of Drones into his own personal air force. Bombing and killing anyone he sees fit in Somalia, Yemen or Pakistan. (Please note these are all sovereign nations where we have not declared war.)  Killing INNOCENT civilians.
Now some of you may say, “He is the President, he has that power”. Does he?
Does he have the right to look at a list, a picture and decides who dies in a foreign nation without a trial or conviction? Our military is tasked with fighting against enemy combatants. Obama is creating state sponsored murder.
This Pirate thinks he has gone too far. He has anointed himself as Prosecutor, Judge and Jury…

He only consults with his Czars who have never been confirmed by the Congress.

Now if this were George Bush killing these “terrorists” would be an impeachable offense. It seems the media is starting to question what Obama is doing. Yet they stop short of accusations.

My worry is, what / who will stop Obama if he decides to use our drones against “Domestic” terrorists here in the “Homeland?”