Treyvon Martin’s Twitter account “@No_limit-Nig**”

Here is a link to tweets from Treyvon Martins suspended Twitter account. This further confirms that a fraud has been perpetuated against America, portraying Treyvon as a innocent child, using a picture that was 4 years old in their “reporting”. Proof has now surfaced that NBC news purposely edited the tapes of the 911 call to make it look like Zimmerman volunteered that the suspect was black, when in fact he was asked by the 911 dispatcher what color is he?
They also covered up his criminal past. Evidence is coming forward that will prove he was a gangbanger and a thief. If you recall the community recently had a recent rash of burglaries, this was why Zimmerman was so vigilant.
There  is also witness statement that will show that Treyvon was the agressor and in fact DID attack George Zimmerman.

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