Obama, “we will fight with Drones, Computers, in space”…

By The Piratearian 6 January 2012

After watching our President proclaim that our future wars will be fought with Drones, computers and in space my mind flashed back to an episode of Star Trek. “A Taste of Armageddon” was first aired in 1967 which really was the start of the Vietnam involvement for most Americans. In this episode the Enterprise comes across two planets that have been at war for a long time. However they cannot find any external signs of it. It turns out the people have “evolved” (Progressives) and no longer fight wars in “uncivilized” fashion. All their war is now fought by computer. If you are determined to be “killed” by the computer simulation you are expected to report to “disintegration” booths where you will be eliminated.  The Enterprise is told not to interfere, but of course they soon become a casualty of war and are expected to turn themselves in for ‘disintegration”. To sum it up Capt. Kirk and Spock destroy the computers and tells the progressive leaders of the planets that they have to deal with it. Peace then breaks out.


 I feel that his is what President Obama imagines war to be in the future. Clean, logical. He envisions a war that can be run by computer, where he would not have to risk sending men and women into battle.

The fear is, will this lead to our loss of humanity? Do we want future wars where a President just pushes buttons and people are killed? What will war be if you take the human element out of it? Why not just have the computers take over? Now some may say “Why not, then our soldiers will not need to die”. But we cannot forget that the loss of human life in fighting a war is something that restrains us from fighting wars. If there is no more risk, why not just send out robots for ethnic cleansing when we do not agree with the policies of a country?

President Obama lives in a Hollywood / Star Trek world, with a blurred line between reality and fantasy. He has almost destroyed our economy by insisting that we all go green. He is willing to destroy our traditional, industry and economy because he thinks that we must all live with green technology now, even though the technology is not yet economically feasible or able to meet our energy needs.

Now he is willing to destroy the greatest military in the world to satisfy his ego and make us “equal” with the rest of the world. His star wars vision is just a fantasy as I hope we do not go down the path as envisioned by the writers of Star Trek years ago.

He is the most dangerous man in the world today as he thinks he has all the answers, he thinks himself as an emperor,  but as we know from our childhood fables, often the Emperor has no clothes.

President Obama and Leon Panetta make a GRAVE error.

By The Piratearian 5 January 2012

Today I was appalled with something I heard from the Pentagon. President Obama stated that even though he was cutting 400,000 troops, we could still fight a war using cyber, space and robotic means.
This man has a huge ego and is showing his true colors, he is also the most dangerous President in our nation’s history. Iran is on the verge of deploying nuclear weapons. North Korea is rattling their sabers, Russia is destabilizing with Putin making threats on European missile defense and their own weapons. At the same time China is rapidly expanding their military, Navy and cyberwar capabilities.

There has been a war raging in the pentagon between those that know disaster is looming and the doves / progressives who blindly follow Obama and Leon Panetta.
Leon Panetta is no more qualified to run the CIA or the DOD than this old one eyed Pirate!
Yes he served in the Army for 2 years in 1963! But other than that he was a Democratic politician / advisor. In this Pirates opinion he did untold damage to the covert ability of the CIA and is now carrying Obamas water to dismantle our military. Watching him get in front of the cameras today and spin Obama’s Pentagon reduction plan was an insult to all those who serve or have served in the defense of this nation.

Having just exited Iraq and with rumors of troop buildups in Israel, this is not the time to show weakness to the world. But that is what Obama is doing. The problem is the wolves. The wolves pick out the weak and prey on them. Obame is telling the world we are weak, he apologizes. He is inviting them to attack us. A good example is when our classified unmanned RQ-170 Sentinel drone was “capthred” by Iran. President Obama could have sent in the Seals to recover it, he did not. He could have had another drone fire on it to destroy the classified drone from being dissected by our enmies, he did not. He could have tasked a cruise missile to destroy it also, nope. He could have used the power of the United States of America to DEMAND the return of our valuable asset, but he did not.
“We’ve asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond,” Obama said at a news conference. Obama said he wouldn’t comment further “on intelligence matters that are classified.”

He ASKED for it back, maybe he said pretty please, I do not know, but many Iranian Generals were heard laughing at our impotent leader.
The only thing our enemies respect is power and force. President Obama refuses to project a strong image of America. He believes in appeasement unless it fits his own political agenda.

It seems to this Pirate that Obama will continue to be an apologist, and actually wants this once great nation to suffer defeat, and for the Muslim nation to expand and rule the world. This will fit his socialist agenda. In his eyes we will “get what we deserve”.
I hope and pray that we can survive until the election, and his administration and agenda is rejected. If not Americas best days may be behind us and some very dark days are coming.

In 2007 Senator Obama promised change, well America, you got it. It just is not the change many expected, it is exactly what those who were called racists warned you of. Who knew those the liberals called racists, were actually prophets.