By: Sheppardshoney

We, as free citizens have taken a voice & cried out in the effort to keep censorship from our on-line social media.
The fact that Lawmakers, Parliamentarians, or Governments, however you say it… are trying to monitor the social
content distributed by people on line, has people up in arms.. myself included.

Is twitter censoring our tweets? Not according to this document.

@TweetSmarterTwitter isn’t Censoring You. Your Government is.

Our Governments are censoring us, but Why?

There are terrorists & activists that inflict fear in the hearts of people and may have used social media in
the past to organize and implement acts against governments, businesses & innocent people.
It’s true that the use of social media is used not only for a meet & greet of minds around the world but
for things that scare us. People abuse the privilege of the freedoms that are
provided and use it for sinister means. It is like that in all aspects of any media.
It doesn’t matter, you will always have the good with the bad. Good vs. Evil.
Should we allow terrorists to be able to use social media? No! Obviously! Can we stop them? Probably not. Even if there are
ways of intercepting and destroying the information that criminals distribute of their plans & propaganda the innocent
will always be the ones that are going to ultimately pay the price in an effort to stop these individuals. But who is to decide
who the “bad” people are? In Syria & Libya the Governments claimed that the protestors were being influenced by outside media.
These protestors were labeled terrorists by their government but most people in the western world saw these protestors as,
just that, protestors. Objecting to the villainy & oppression placed upon it’s citizens by a corrupt & greedy government.
To me, these were innocent people who just wanted a life for their family, with out tyranny & oppression.
So who really decides who the bad guys are? Are civil liberties to be taken away from every one in hopes of quashing the few who have hate in their hearts?
I understand the need to protect the citizens of the world from people who kill & destroy in the name of hatred.
But it should not be at the expense of Freedom of speech, the freedom of the voice of the people for the people.
We elect our officials to see to our needs, safety, a healthy economy, and a haven of security where Democracy is the ruling force.
If we allow the haters to rule our rights & freedoms, to take away our right to say our piece and to express ourselves, we no longer have the power of freedom, we bow down to the power of fear. Information sharing is a way to ferret out those haters and expose monsters for who they are, where they are, and what they are up to, so the authorities can bring them to justice. That is what a Democracy is, isn’t it? People joined together to ensure the Freedom & practice of the Principles of society. Society says we want Freedom of Speech!!

I’m not promoting politicians I’m just pointing these politicians out that are in a position to filibuster PIPA : VotefortheNet.com asks supporters to donate to four senators who have threatened to filibuster PIPA. Those four are Democrats Ron Wyden of Oregon and Maria Cantwell of Washington and Republicans Rand Paul of Kentucky and Jerry Moran of Kansas.

Pirates use the internet to steal copyrighted material & distribute it for their own gain. I don’t agree with this.
They are stealing (period) It’s theft. You can’t dress it up any other way. By stealing Movies, Television programs & Music etc..
They are fundamentally destroying the entertainment that we enjoy. Pirates diminish the revenue of the entertainment media and ultimately
have lead to the demise of popular Television shows. That is why watching ‘live’ is so important for ratings for any program.
The advertisers that have commercials during these programs are the ones paying for these programs to stay in your living rooms for your viewing privilege.
By supporting these thieves, people support the loss of freedom to legally access media in our homes, on our computers and in society.

We bash the pirates, I myself included, but the corporate world is just as cut throat as the pirates themselves. Speaking solely about music for a moment…. There are some legal on-line sites that run legitimately but they are profiting more than the artists themselves.. It’s about money.. plain and simple. People wouldn’t be having a fit if it had to do with anything else. You hit the pocket book & you get a reaction.. EVERY time. Should we allow pirating..? NO! However, I’m feeling more for the artists, actors/actresses & people trying to make a living that are involved with the production of these works of art rather than the big Corporations that are the ones that are profiting on the on-line distribution of the media and that are profiting in obscene amounts to be sure. We can’t stop the the rich from getting richer but we sure can stop the process of limiting our voice to complain about it. I like the right to be able to complain if I so desire, get mad and rail at big business that stomps on the little guy. Pirates that steal this media and distribute it for free to people, are sometimes viewed as Robin Hoods, just to say we are giving it to the “man”. Needless to say if these businesses want to protect their copyrights, they are more than entitled to, but pushing for the destruction of these pirated sites are the driving force some lobbyists needed to push their own agenda to further the security of the internet and encourage censorship. That is how I see it.

Counterfeit consumer goods and medications are also an issue..but I don’t know enough about that to voice my opinion.

Say NO to #ACTASpread the word! #ACTAhttp://t.co/Cyw8XYaRLobbyists are not our voice, they have their own agenda.

All in all, we elect officials to so see to the protection and security of our nations. They do try their best (sorta, kinda) but there will always be the haters, the people who steal, the people who don’t like another because of any number of reasons. The innocent people need a voice, they need to express themselves, share ideas, bring the world together in one voice. That is how we fight against wrong. If someone silences even one voice, even if it is not the words one wishes to hear… we allow our world to shrink and soon we will be in a cage, without Freedom. The internet is a tool to promote the Freedom of our Global Community. Time to use that voice we got, STOP on-line censorship!! Send out a ROAR and let yourself be heard.. or we will be meowing from our cages!


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