Is Obama “fiddling” Golfing or Singing, while America burns?

By The Piratearin 21 Jan 2012

Remember the story of Nero?
Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus


Nero’s rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance. He is known for many executions, including those of his mother and the probable murder by poison of his stepbrother,

He is infamously known as the Emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned”

Well we have a President who is ruling through tyranny and extravagance,  he has ordered the murder of American citizens, he throws lavish parties for his supporters and spends most of his time playing golf or playing politics raising money for his reelection. 
He has embarrassed America, using slang language, and singing Al Green

Obama is singing “fiddling” as America burns.

President Barrack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous person in the world.
I do not say this lightly, but his recent actions leave no other conclusion. He consistently is working to destroy Americas standing in the world. He and Leon Panetta are doing their best to decimate our military through manpower and funding cuts when the world is more dangerous than ever.
He is appeasing the Palestinians’, negotiating with the Taliban and consistently insulting and disrespecting Israel.  He is ignoring the wars and genocide in Africa.

 At home he is encouraging high oil prices by shutting down expansion of the oil industry and not allowing us to build a pipeline that will immediately create over 20,000 jobs. Why? Simple, it is to support his green agenda. He does not care if Americans need to pay $5 a gallon for gas as it is good for electric cars that he has funded. His ideology has clouded his decision making. He is no longer the President for all, he is kowtowing to his keepers and his financial base.
He is using his justice dept to promote his anti gun stance and embarrass the State of Arizona  by shipping guns to the drug cartels in Mexico and aiding them in bringing drugs back into the U.S.
He encourages illegal aliens, even though they bring with them tremendous social costs and crime. 

The world see’s America as weak, and that is what Obama wants. His goal is to eliminate America’s standing in the world. He wants us to be on par with the third world nations. He will do this by destroying our economy, by increasing our debt, by devaluing the dollar. All of these things he has done.

Now he has started ignoring the Constitution with illegal appointments, and stating the HE is making a law that says all healthcare plans MUST pay for contraception.

He will go down in history as the worst President in America’s history.
He will also run the most destructive negative campaign against the Republican nominee that we have ever seen. And you know what? The media will be there to support him.