Would you put a tracking device in your car for the Government?

By The Piratearian

Progressive Insurance, the name should say it all. They are the one with the annoying “Flo” as their spokes model. Now I am not annoyed that they complained when Foxnews ran their paid advertisements on the Glen Beck show. (Evidently they do not want customers who believe in free speech, and showing their liberal bias.) They have that right. But they are doing something which should scare the hell out of every freedom loving American. This is what set off this rant.

Progressive has a new promotion called “Snapshot”. In order to get cheaper rates, you take a small device and plug it into your vehicles onboard computer. Here it records ALL your driving habits. How far you go, when you go, and how you drive.  This is exactly what the government wants all of us to do. They want us to trade our civil liberties for the “convenience” of the government.

The US Dept of Transportation has been asking for this system to track our daily movements. They want to use this information to track where we go, what we do, and more importantly tax us based on our usage. They want to tax drivers MORE based on the amount of mileage they log on the tracking device. They also want to tax us more based on our driving habits.

For a free society we must not allow this to progress. Companies like progressive are just stalking horses for the government, and if we give in, we all lose.

I for one am tired of our government telling me, what to eat, what I can and cannot do in my private life. Why does the government care if I am slightly overweight? How often I go to the Dr?
Now they want to restrict the internet and have a kill switch if people do not say what they agree with, if we have political dissent.
They want the right to quash political speech on the internet. DHS is now looking for “domestic terrorists” on the “Battlefield” they claim exists here in the United States homeland, and say they have the right to detain those they “feel” are a threat. (Who really is a domestic terrorist? You me?) I cannot drive on the interstate without being stopped at a “checkpoint” and being interrogated  by the Federal Government as to whether I am an American citizen.
The Federal government  regulates how I can buy health insurance, they restrict me from opening new businesses with rules, regulations and more taxes. They want to regualate my guns as they do not trust me to be responsible, even though the constitution gives me the right to own them. The government intrudes in all aspects of our lives, and I am ready to draw the line. I do not need a nanny or another mother. (My mother does a great job of keeping her eyes on me and expressing her opinion, thank you very much!) I do not want someone looking over my shoulder and telling me when I am doing something wrong that hurts nobody else.

Let me ask you something, what is your price to give up your freedom? Can you be bought for a 30% discount in your insurance rate? If you can be bought for that, what other rights will you sell? What is the price of freedom in 2012?

I don’t know about you, but my relatives fought and died for our freedom. I am not willing to give up my freedom to a “progressive” car insurance company or a “progressive” political party or to bureaucrats in any form of government, who thinks they know what is better for me than I do. I am not willing to “install” a tracking device in my car in order to give the government the ability to follow me day in and day out. It is bad enough that they track all our movements via our cell phone, but keep your hands off my car.
The next time you see “Flo” promoting their “Usage” device take a moment and think about what they are really asking you to do. Is it worth it?