Fast and Furious just a symptom?

By The Piratearian 12/5/2011

I am an Arizonan and proud of it. I like the desert, the independence, living in the wild west, I am also a gun owner. Arizona is a proudly conservative state. We are Americans, we clutch our bibles and our guns. Which is why I took notice in 2009, when Janet Napalitano, Hilary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama started politicizing the “Flood of Guns” traveling from Arizona south into Mexico. There they were being delivered into the hands of drug gangs to be used in crimes and to murder innocent civilians. This was soon after the State of Arizona started talking about taking on the responsibility of the Federal Government to deport the flood of illegal immigrants in Arizona which were burying our local government in Millions of dollars of debt.

Right away the thought entered my mind that they would use this as an excuse to implement gun control.  
The Second amendment reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

In America (outside of the beltway and certain liberal states) this is taken very seriously.

But the current administration saw an opportunity and decided to take advantage of it. Then something happened they did not expect,  Brian Terry, Terry a Marine Corps Veteran and former police officer was just doing his job protecting the border when he was ambushed by drug runners. He was shot with a AK-47. When this gun was traced, it was shown to have been sold by a gun store in Glendale Arizona.
At first there was outrage, how could this happen? Then the wheels started to fall off for the justice dept.

Agent Brian Terry

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was monitoring sales of firearms in Arizona. They had put together a program to “trace” weapons going from LEGAL Gun dealers in Arizona, being bought by straw buyers then into the hands of criminals in Mexico.
This sale could have been stopped, but the ATF told the gun store owner to sell it to the couriers even though the store owner was suspicious.
Now so far this sounds great right? Track the weapons and arrest the criminals. But being that the President Obama WANTED to count more illegal weapons going over the border, they let the guns WALK. The ATF, FBI, DHS, DOJ all let these weapons go into Mexico WITHOUT tracing them, OR telling the Mexican Government.
Now there is tons of evidence that this was all planned and executed by officials at the highest level in the Dept of Justice and the Oval office. There are cover ups being put into place.
I pray that Justice will be done and the administration will be held to task. This is just one way our civil liberties are being taken away from us by the current administration.

Lives have been lost to advance a political agenda of gun control. Of this there is no doubt. What else are they doing to steal our money and reward their followers? How else are they creating “opportunities to take away our civil liberties?”

We as Americans need to be aware of the lengths our current government will go to in order to take away our rights as citizens. I encourage the House and the Senate to keep up their investigations. (Even though Harry Reid works hand in glove with the Obama administration).
People need to go to jail for the crimes that are being committed.
Like the Who say “We won’t be fooled again” I hope this is true.