By The Piratearian 

Today we live in a politically unstable world. Governments, once thought secure are in financial ruin due to the cost of social programs and entitlements. The “Arab Spring” has shown that mobs can cause political systems to crumble and be overturned. Revolution is the word of the day. IRAN is on the verge of having a nuclear weapon.
In the United States we have record numbers classified as “poor”. Their livelihood has been taken away by the economy and a Presidency, seemingly intent on ensuring financial ruin and a dependency on the Government. (Spreading the wealth around)
1000’s of deadbeats, led by the unions, anarchists, self- described socialists and Marxists with names like Bill Ayres, Michael Moore, Van Jones, and covertly by the current Obama administration, are camping and protesting against Wall street #OWS . They are in our communities, causing riots, spreading disease and social unrest and threaten the world as we know it. Nancy Pelosi mentions marshal law.

Meanwhile America IS under cyber-attack from China and Russia,  with recent hacks into municipal water systems to damage pumping equipment, to try and take over our electrical grid and infrastructure. (How to destroy our infrastructure)

My question to you is… How safe are you in your home? What would happen if all of a sudden civil unrest and riots came to your town, your community? What if the police were overwhelmed as the civil unrest was nationwide? What if you needed to shelter in place for a few days, a week, a month or for 3 months?

There is a very good chance this may happen in your lifetime. If you are a parent with children in your home how will you feed them if the stores are closed or out of food? What if the hospital is overwhelmed and you cannot get medical care? What if your neighbors start pounding on your door to “share” some of your food? Do you have a plan if you are not together? Are you prepared to survive until things calm down?

I know this is much to think about and it is not pleasant.  It is much easier to stick your head in the sand and say ‘That will never happen to us.”

But what if riots happen or the internet ceases to function. What if Iran detonates a bomb or is attacked and oil goes to $200 a barrel? What if the infrastructure does stop functioning?
911 will not be there, it is up to you to step up and survive.


There are 5 major issues you can address NOW to increase your odds of surviving such turmoil.

They are:

Food and Water, Medical, Hygiene, Communication and Security.

Here is what I recommend you start working on TODAY, to provide you with the basics of what every home / person must have.

1.       Food and Water: at a minimum you should have a 3 month supply of food and water. Stock your pantry with your basic canned foods and staples. Include what you will need to bake bread and cook. Include comfort items like peanut butter, chocolate or other treats that are comforting, but have enough food for all the meals your family will need, plus some extra in case “friends or relatives” stop by. I found that Spam works great and can be used in a variety of ways! But canned Chilli, stew, meat, vegetables all will keep for a long time. Don’t forget the powdered milk and Nestles quick to make it taste better!
Even better is if you have a garden where you can grow your own vegetables. If so make sure you can the extras. If you are lucky enough to have some livestock even a few chickens will ensure fresh eggs and some good BBQ down the road.
For water you will need 2 gallons of water per person, per day. But you say I don’t drink that much? Remember you will need water also for cooking, cleaning, sanitary purposes etc.
A word on MRE’s. It is a geed idea to add some MRE’s to your storage, BUT these are really for emergencies. Get some MRE’s to fit individual tastes and throw 3 day’s worth of meals and water in a backpack for each person. (This will be the start of your 72 hour kit)
Do not forget that you will need a heat source to cook on. Wood, charcoal, propane all works well, but it only works if you have it! PS DO NOT FORGET ANIMAL FOOD FOR YOUR PETS!

Boo boo

2.       Medical:  With all in flux, if an emergency arises there will be nobody there to respond if you call 911, and medical care may be scarce. If you are doing more at home that you do not normally do there WILL be injuries. I strongly urge you to go online and invest in a good medical trauma kit (preferably with a book of instructions) you can spend anywhere from $30 to $1000 on one of these. But you DO get what you pay for. What would you do for an open fracture or a poisoning? What about snake or dog bites? Burns? Much to think about. You may also want to think about some first aid training, maybe get CERT trained.

3.       Hygiene: We all do every day. If the septic system still works great. If you do not have flowing water you can still use the john, but flush the nasty with buckets of used wash water.(An old friend with a septic system once told me “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”) Thank Bob! Otherwise you will need to build a makeshift outhouse / hole out back.  Get some lime for the smell and fill in / re dig when needed.


4.       Communication: Your phones are out, computers down, no electricity. How will you know what is going on? Invest in a good AM/FM radio / multiband. (You can buy them with cranks to charge up the batteries!) Many people enjoy becoming HAM radio operators. With a HAM short wave radio you can communicate with others all over the world. Think about it.


5.       Defense: Many do not like this but YOU will need to have a way to protect yourself, your family, your supplies and your home. This can be as simple as a baseball bat, some mace, a taser or a firearm.
Personally I highly suggest you invest at least in a shotgun. 12 Gauge pump action shotgun. In most cases this will be enough to scare most troublemakers.(Make sure it has a loud click click, when you rack a round!) But if you are willing to learn how to use guns, invest in a gun lock / locker. Buy a good Shotgun and a few handguns. Make sure you have enough spare clips and ammo to use for an extended stay. When people get hungry things will get ugly. And if they want your food how are you going to protect the things you need to stay alive?
If it comes down to the life of your family or the intruder who is breaking into your home / shelter, you will need to step up and protect yourself.

If all else fails and you need to skedaddle, make sure you have a 72 hour kit for everyone in your home. Include the MRE’s, a change of clothes, a knife, compass, small first aid kit, etc.
But most of all be prepared!
You do not want to be stuck saying “I should have listened to the Piratearian!”