What if you woke up one morning and there was no internet?

What if you woke one morning and there was no internet? It was “out of order”.  You pick up your iPod and there is no signal? Your cable TV is out.  The corner gas station is out of gas because the truckers never got the order to deliver it? Work in America grinds to a halt as there is no email. Your VOIP phones systems do not work.  Traffic lights do not work. Soon grocery stores will run out of food. If you don’t have a “land line” you do not even have a phone at home to call the fire department or police. Soon that phone dies. What would you do? Now the electricity goes out as the grid can no longer be controlled without communication.
Do you have a plan?
Do you have a 72 hour kit filled with essentials? Do you have food, medical supplies, water? Think about it. Your only link to the outside world is a battery operated radio.
Now you hear that America is under cyber attack. Nuclear power plants scrammed as a virus was planted that automatically shut them down. Refineries and chemical plants overloaded and shut down or suffered debilitating damage. Critical infrastructure across America is shut down. We are sent back to the stone age. Soon as people run out of food or water, they go out in search of more. They break into closed stores, into houses. Mobs form in the inner city and riots break out, unrest spreads to the suburbs. The police responding to an emergency plan hunker down and do their best, but are soon overwhelmed. If you do not skedaddle, you bunker at home and protect you home and your family.
“TEOTWAWKI”  (Look it up)

This sounds like a work of fiction, but our society has become so dependent on the internet and technology that this could become the new reality.

There are new viruses called son of Stuxnet and Duku. These have been created to embed themselves inside critical infrastructure and machinery and go to sleep. Only to awake when a signal is sent or they find their target. They then send instructions to shut down or have machinery operate so they would self-destruct. This is just the beginning.


Other powers (Nations) are currently attacking America, already probing our infrastructure. They have hacked into critical systems, our chemical plants, water plants, refineries.
It is being predicted that the next world war will be a cyber war.
Are we ready? NO.

What will you do? Can you even imagine it?
It is not pretty, but there is a very good chance that the scenario I have written about will happen in our lifetime.

Be afraid, be very afraid.