What does the Democratic Party stand for? or Why are you a Democrat?

<> on December 5, 2012 in Washington, DC.


  • Higher Taxes for ALL
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Sanctuary Cities for those illegals who break the law
  • Eliminating the Constitution of the United States
  • MORE people not less on welfare
  • Financing terrorist organizations
  • Supports Antifa
  • Against free speech
  • Socialism
  • Eliminating GOD  from our lives
  • Making the privileged rich while letting the homeless sleep on the street
  • Pay illegals benefits
  • Ignore the already homeless
  • Ignore homeless and suicidal Veterans
  • Want to eliminate ICE
  • Against Law Enforcement
  • Want a bias press
  • Encourage late term abortion
  • Dishonesty
  • Keeping minorities “on the plantation”
  • Lies, lies and more LIES
  • More regulations
  • Making their friends and family rich

So please tell me why you are a Democrat?

Death by Socialism of the Democrat party?


Thank God for Tom Perez.
For those who do not know 2 of the most radical socialist members of the DNC fought to run the DNC against another radical liberal Keith Ellison which Perez when he won made a socialist move and added him as deputy chairman.

They are leading the once proud organization into the trashbin of history and not soon enough.

First they removed God from their platform. God is now not allowed to exist.
They supported pension funds that are now going bankrupt and were never realistic and sustainable.
They now want open borders and will do anything to prevent voters from having to show an ID to vote so all the people they bring in will vote for them.
They are encouraging criminal activities and are anti police, military and ICE.
Their politicians LIE.
They are against free speech.
They have come out AGAINST the Constitution of the United States and seek to eliminate it.
They now say the Republicans have no rights.
They have covered up a attempted coup by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. (more on this soon as we see who goes to jail)
With this election cycle Socialism is going mainstream.
They are the socialist party now. Bernie Sanders is their savior and ANTIFA their Army.
This has been brought on by Obama, George Soros and their Army called Organizing For Action. (see all the protests?)

If you are a Democrat look in the mirror. Do you really support socialism? Do you support open borders? Higher taxes? One world?

Or do you support the Constitution?

Save the planet from pollution from wet wipes!

One of my first memories as a child (1960”s) was of my father teaching me to use the bathroom.
He was sitting on the loo and showed me how to “properly” use toilet paper.
I watched him pull off sheets and fold them, then he said something I never forgot.
He said “My Dad always told me that when cleaning yourself it is always two dry  one wet”.
So I watched him wet his tp in the sink before wiping.
Over my life this was not always possible and often when needed it would result in messy wet tissue and doing the “Duck Walk” to the sink! But his advice stuck. In the back of my mind I knew there was a better way! 
Then came “Wet Wipes”. These were very convenient and did solve the problem of using water. But they were not always “Flushable”. But there was no way I was going to throw a used butt wipe in the trash. So we flush them down the drain. Now the manufactures say they are much better at disintegrating, but evidently even the “flushable” wipes will not disintegrate enough to prevent clogging.
Wet wipes are also not good for the environment! Yet millions of people still flush them down the toilet!

All over the world wipes both flushable and non-flushable are clogging sewers and septic systems around the world. Have you ever heard of a “Fatberg”?
Made from a combination of grease, oils and fats produced by cooking, and disposable wet wipes from, well, wiping-based activities, fatbergs are a very 21st century problem, and one that is threatening the waste systems of developed cities across the globe. 1








Gross Photos Show Sewer Workers Battling A ‘Fatberg’ The Size Of A Boeing 747 Under London. 2

After reading this I figured there had to be a better way.
So I did my research on making a better natural non polluting wet wipe.
After much research I realized that the best wet wipe was NO wet wipe.
So how could I turn a century old standard like disposable and flushable toilet paper into a wet wipe?
Then the light went off and I remembered what my father taught me.
2 Dry one Wet!

So I invented Capt Jacks Wipe Spray #2.
Made with all natural ingredients including essential oils  Capt Jacks Wipe Spray #2 solves many problems. www.captjacksbooty.com

Simply shake and spray on your toilet paper and wipe! Use as much or as little as you like. It will leave you clean and fresh with a nice clean scent of Lavender or Sandalwood. (Unscented available) Each 4 Oz. bottle equals almost 1000 sprays. (Estimated)


Save the Planet With Capt. Jacks Wipe Spray #2


1 https://www.forbes.com/sites/lauriewinkless/2016/05/24/sewer-wars-the-fatberg-menace/#661f44e565e2

2 http://www.businessinsider.com/photos-fatberg-the-size-of-a-boeing-747-under-shepherds-bush-road-2014-9

One Marines take on the election

By Troy = Okinawa Japan

I didn’t realize how absolutely ignorant and closed-minded liberals were until today. The utter amount of ignorance, immaturity, and disbelief I have seen all over the internet since Trumps victory has been astounding. Him being elected is not going to change your day to day life whatsoever. He is not going to personally find you and ruin your life like y’all are making it seem he will. You will literally only notice an extra few bucks on your pay checks from taxes lowering and that you may be able to find yourself cheaper health care. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican, Muslim, gay, black, white, female or male. As long as you are a law abiding citizen and do not engage yourself an illegal activities you will literally not have a single thing to worry about.

If you are here illegally, then you have no right to complain about the president, and no right to be upset if you get deported, you’re here illegally! That’s you’re own fault. It’s astounding how illegals believe they deserve anything from this country and have even the slightest urged to try and protest this election and our future president as well. It has been such a large surprise to see how close minded those I used to associate with are and how truly ignorant they really are. I have to stop myself from almost feeling bad for them as they try to paint themselves as victims in this situation. Seeing people pretend to be scared for their life because of the election results is absolutely ridiculous as well. There’s still law in the land, the only fear you need have is the law if you do something you’re not supposed to.

Quit dramatizing a situation in which you didn’t get your way or choice such as Hillary in office. If you want to ensure the best life you can have then continue being productive members of society, shut up about the election, and unite the country. Complaining on Facebook and creating over dramatic reactions is only going to put a greater divide in a very large and powerful country and will do nothing for Americans moving forward. The only way this country will realistically improve is when we are together as one county undivided.

The ignorance of the left wing nut heads has grown to an unacceptable point. There are people inciting riots across the country as they speak because they didn’t get their way in this election and are currently yelling F*** Donald Trump over and over. How does that make them any better than the supposed Trump the media has portrayed this entire election, which now has been proven to be entirely corrupt and biased to the left wing liberals. The inaccuracy of the medias reporting of this election season has been entirely disgusting as well. For an outlet for information which is supposed to remain unbiased and true it sure did not do the American people justice this year. It is absolutely sickening the amount of power and persuasion that they have ahold of in today’s society.

I’m sorry but the amount of bullsh*t I’ve seen on my feed today gave me such an uncontrollable need to type out what I was thinking. I could go on and on about the hypocrisy of the left now that this election is over and go through facts and prove everything to a deeper point but that’d fall upon deaf ears and ultimately be a waste of time. I can only hope people open their eyes and work together towards a move progressive and united future. How about you actually listen to Trump speak, actually hear what he has to say about America moving forward and assist in improving this country for all who live in it. Ignore it if you’d like, or try to fight it, but this is the America you live in. ✌🏼


We the People

Early signs show increased Republican turnout. Will it turn polls?

Will the Trump Train make all the polls wrong?
Looking at the turnout numbers in Colorado. (Not a Red state) early voting shows turnout of 35.2% R and 34.8% D 28.5% I.
(Other states have high R turnout also)
Now every poll I have seen has sampled more D”s than R’s usually from 5% to 8% in favor of Clinton.
IF this continues the R’s are going to have a very good day tomorrow.