About The Pirate

Being a Pirate is a way of life. You man your ship, set your sails and sail where you decide to go.
I grew up with a liberal attitude as a youth, I grew more conservative as I aged. I found myself blindly following the status quo of the Republican Party.  But the party left me, when Bush won and we had a majority in Congress I expected change. But there was no change. There was corruption, there was more spending, there was more pork. I started to support the Tea Party until they tried telling me what to do. Then I took one of those surveys on the web, what party do you best line up with? I discovered I really was a Libertarian at heart.
Now that does NOT mean I support Ron Paul. What it means to me is that I CONTROL MY OWN DESTINY. I am free to cut my own path, have my own opinions, untrapped by the dogma of an organized political party. I am still registered as a Republican as many of my views do line up with them, BUT the Republican Party does NOT define me.

I am free to write and share MY personal opinions. And I will.
I do not just write about politics, it is about my life, my thoughts and my opinions. I do not care what others think, as long as they DO think. If I can help stimulate that process I have done my job.

The Piratearian

One thought on “About The Pirate

  1. I took the same type of survey and I aligned with Libertarian too. Unfortunately, no chance to get someone I would like in to the office, so Republican is the only way for me right now. Even though there are things I don’t like about the Republicans, I will not ever vote for a Democrat.


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